7 Senstational Thrillers That Feature Hot Men with Accents ...


7 Senstational Thrillers That Feature Hot Men with Accents ...
7 Senstational Thrillers That Feature Hot Men with Accents ...

A film with a good storyline is much more important than the hotness of the actors starring in it. Of course, if a movie has both of those things, we're certainly not going to complain--especially if those lead actors have attractive accents. The next time you want to relax with an entertaining movie that just so happens to have hot men with accents in it, here are a few films to pick from:

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Jamie Bell, a hottie who was born in England, appears in this thrilling film. It's set on a train in the future, where the last remaining people on the planet are living. However, the men and women in the back of the train aren't treated as well as the people up front are, which causes a major problem that this film centers around. Bonus: Chris Evans is also in the film, even though he doesn't speak with his accent.


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

If you want to watch something that's sidesplitting funny, this is the film for you. Martin Freeman stars in it, who you probably know as John from Sherlock or Bilbo from The Hobbit. It's about a man who ends up hitchhiking through the galaxy, all while fighting to stay alive.


Winter’s Tale

There's no one hotter than Colin Ferrell, who stars in this movie about a burglar who falls in love with an heiress. Of course, if he isn't your cup of tea, the majority of the actors and actresses in the film speak with accents, so you're bound to find someone that you're attracted to. Not to mention that the storyline is heartwarming and will stick with you for years.


The Bounty Hunter

If you're looking for a lighthearted romantic comedy, you should turn on this cute film with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. He plays the role of a bounty hunter who is sent to find his ex and send her to jail. Of course, things don't go as planned, and they end up going on a crazy adventure.



This movie stars Ewar McGregor, who was born in Scotland. He plays a man who is addicted to drugs and hates his life. However, throughout the film, he fights to get clean and turn his luck around. If you want to watch something that will pull at your heart strings, try watching this film.


Love Actually

If you love Rick from The Walking Dead, you'll like him even more once you hear his real accent. However, Andrew Lincoln isn't the only one who stars in this film. Liam Neeson and Colin Firth also appear. The movie has a huge collection of stars, and they all sound sexy.


Children of Men

Clive Owen, who was born in England, appears in this film. It's all about a future where women have become infertile, which means that they're unable to have children and continue to populate the planet. However, when one woman ends up becoming pregnant, it's crucial for the characters to find out how that happened, so that it can happen to more women.

If you want to watch a thrilling movie with a little bit of eye candy, then you should turn on one of these fabulous films. Who's your favorite actor with an accent?

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Yes,our Clive Owen always gives a good film but no man will ever come up to the standard of Yul Brynner ,who not only was a great actor but could make your knees turn to jelly with his sexy accent .

Gerard butler, Clive Owen and Collin Farrell are so gorgeous

Gerard Butler in any movie 💕

Ewan mcgregor but only in train spotting

Collin Farrell, yum! And Winter's Tale is such a fine movie...and a classic novel! Mel Gibson in the Mad Max movies, and while it's a less than a glamorous role, it is so visceral, so memorable, Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy...

My nice husband has an accent! It makes plain household words seem so sexy!

Colin Ferrel! Nice brogue

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