7 Senstational Thrillers 📽 That Feature Hot Men 🔥 with Accents 👱🏽👱🏾 ...

A film with a good storyline is much more important than the hotness of the actors starring in it. Of course, if a movie has both of those things, we're certainly not going to complain--especially if those lead actors have attractive accents. The next time you want to relax with an entertaining movie that just so happens to have hot men with accents in it, here are a few films to pick from:

1. Snowpiercer

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Jamie Bell, a hottie who was born in England, appears in this thrilling film. It's set on a train in the future, where the last remaining people on the planet are living. However, the men and women in the back of the train aren't treated as well as the people up front are, which causes a major problem that this film centers around. Bonus: Chris Evans is also in the film, even though he doesn't speak with his accent.

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