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Movies about royalty have been made ever since motion pictures began. Royalty has fascinated us for centuries. For British Royalty, their legacies reach back to 1066, and are a central aspect of many countries’ culture. So, films about royalty, their lives that are both enriched and burdened with high status and treasure bring in audiences worldwide. The royals shall always have a romantic fantasy element about them, especially for people brought up on Disney stories about princesses, kings and knights. So here are 8 Amazing Movies about Royalty that feed into our expectations about the kings, queens, princes and princesses of the world, and also add insight into the lives of those who are faced with ruling kingdoms.

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The King's Speech

A winner of four major Academy Awards in 2011, and is revered as simply an amazing movie about Royalty. The film is set at the beginning of World War II, and King George VI must take up the throne, with all of its daunting responsibilities, after his brother, Edward, abdicates. This marvelous film centers on King George’s problem with stammering and public speaking. Colin Firth beautifully portrays a man who needs to learn the expected qualities of a king that can instill confidence and bravery into a nation that is about to be thrown into another world war.


Richard III

Based on Shakespeare’s play Richard III, Ian McKellen stars in and writes a tragic story about the Duke of Gloucester who murders his way into becoming a fascist King Richard III. Shakespeare’s play is very loosely based on facts and so the devilry possessed by Richard must be taken as controversial myth. Nonetheless, this scandalous film about royals is beautifully made and a must see.


Man in the Iron Mask

This royal movie is based on Alexander Dumas’ third installment of his Three Musketeers saga, where the man in the iron mask is a prisoner kept in the Bastille in Paris, and under the reign of King Louis XIV. The story is based on the rumor that the man in the iron mask was the identical twin brother of the hedonistic King Louis XIV, who he kept hidden out of fear of taking over his seat at the throne. The plot is full of adventure and schemes to try and overthrow the militaristic king and replace him with his more compassionate brother.



OK, this choice may be stretching it a bit but King Leonidas with his army of 300 warriors against the army of more than a million soldiers led by the Persian god-king Xerxes is an inspirational, high-octane and fantasy movie about royalty who fight for their people, honor and bravery.



Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, this movie about the decadent Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had an equally decadent and momentous budget. Sadly, the movie was a financial flop. Nonetheless, it is a movie about royalty worth seeing for its rich scenery, props, stunts and luxurious sets which fully encapsulate the drama between Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.


Anne of the Thousand Days

Another Richard Burton film, but this time he plays the infamous Henry VIII in a film that revolves around his second of six wives, Anne Boleyn. This movie about royalty follows Anne’s reign as Queen of England which lasted a thousand days and resulted in her giving birth to Elizabeth I. Sadly, Henry VIII wanted a male heir, and soon discarded Anne’s inability to provide him a son by beheading her, to take up his chances with Jane Seymour.


The Queen

Oscar winning movie about royalty starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II. The film focuses around the Queen of England’s task of making sense and settling order in the country after the sudden death of the beloved Princess Diana. A heart-warming performance by Mirren and a real insight into the hardships of royalty.



A classic ‘rags to riches’ tale, Anastasia (1956) is one of the many films based on the subject of the Grand Duchess Anastasia, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. This royal movie follows a Russian businessman who attempts to pass an imposter off as the Grand Duchess, who was believed to be missing after an attack on the Tsar’s family by communist revolutionaries. The imposter is so convincing, many skeptics believe that the real Anastasia has returned.

Movies about royalty attempt to unravel the mysteries that lie behind the regal doors, and uncover the human side in some of the most powerful people in the world. They demonstrate the hardships royalty must persevere through, and that being a princess is not as magical as Disney and fairy-stories make it out to be. However, movies about royalty are generally epic stories of conquering nations and significant politics, from Ancient Rome to present day monarchs. Do you have a favorite amongst these Amazing Movies about Royalty? Or maybe, you prefer one not on the list? Please share your thoughts!

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