7 Amazing Alfred Hitchcock Movies ...


7 Amazing Alfred Hitchcock Movies ...
7 Amazing Alfred Hitchcock Movies ...

Alfred Hitchcock Movies are iconic, there's no question about it. The man was a genius of both drama and horror, to such an extent that many of his black and white classics are far scarier than modern day films with all the bells and whistles. My favorite thing about most Alfred Hitchcock movies has to be the tension, the suspense. I mean, he was and still is considered the master of suspense, after all. Here are some really stellar Alfred Hitchcock movies to add to your list of must-see films. Read on and get started planning your next big movie night!

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This is probably the most well known of all the Alfred Hitchcock movies ever made. There's a reason for that, of course: it's awesome. Norman Bates is one of the creepiest, most iconic characters in the horror genre. That awful, awful remake starring Vince Vaughn was just a travesty compared to the performance put on by Anthony Perkins – and I like Vince Vaughn.


Dial M for Murder

I love a good murder movie, and this one is among the best. This one is all about betrayal, on a number of levels. Ray Milland is excellent in this film, and the story is marvelously convoluted. Seriously, you have to pay close attention to who's getting screwed over; it helps to keep a list.



This is one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies, in no small part because it proved that the man was amazing even when making movies in Hollywood. Daphne du Maurier's book came to creeptastic life in this movie, which stars George Sanders, Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, and Judith Anderson, who does amazing justice to the evil Mrs. Danvers. This movie is just a masterpiece, and I actually enjoyed it even more than the book.


Rear Window

Rear Window is an incredibly iconic film as well, primarily because of its flawless structure. Both the story and the theme are perfection. It stars Jimmy Stewart, who begins spying on his neighbors while waiting for a broken leg to heal. It has everything: sex, sadness, and murder.



Notorious is one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies for a number of reasons, beginning with the casting. What can be better than the pairing of Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant? It's full of suspense, subterfuge, and sexual chemistry. Seriously, you can't ask for more out of a movie.


The Birds

The Birds is classic Hitchcock. I mean, how are birds scary, right? They're actually terrifying. The acting in this film leaves much to be desired, true. So why is it good? Because it shows how the mundane can be absolutely terrifying, and it made people seriously terrified of Mother Nature.


North by Northwest

A lot of Alfred Hitchcock movies are known for fantastic casting, and this one is no exception since it once again stars Cary Grant. This one features CIA drama and mistaken identity, not to mention a superb performance by Eva Marie Saint. Again, double agents and subterfuge feature heavily – and deliciously.

There are tons of amazing Alfred Hitchcock movies, these are just some of my personal favorites. However, his entire filmography is worth watching, especially if you enjoy the esoteric. Seriously, some Alfred Hitchcock movies are way out there, and they're among the best. There are still some films I haven't seen, so how about sharing some of your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies with me?

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the book of rebecca is mucch better. i bet you haven't even read it.

I liked all of them with The Rope, Shadow of a Doubt.

you forgot vertigo. his best film

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