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Expensive movies aren’t really big news. We all know it takes a whopping budget to produce a blockbuster however, the latest news about Johnny Depp’s film “The Lone Ranger” being held off due to money issues, makes all of us wonder about other high budget movies. “The Lone Ranger” was shelved after consuming a whopping £154 million. I thought it would be interesting to browse through other films which have consumed this much or more. It was not easy work, as complex economical phenomena such as inflation causes twists in the calculation of expenses. Researchers did some hard work to produce this list of the 10 Most Expensive Movies ever made, and here they are, in reverse order.

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Spider-Man 2 and King Kong

Spider-Man 2 and King Kong Sneaking into the list and sitting comfortably side by side on the tenth rank are Peter Jackson’s tale of the gigantic gorilla and Sam Rami’s tale of a spider’s amalgamation into a man. Both of these movies consumed a huge budget of $200 million. Inflation rates after the release of these movies took these figures up to an astonishing £145 million. This is just the beginning of the staggering money-show we are about to witness in the most expensive movies ever.



Avatar This CGI movie of 2009 gobbled up a fortune of $237 million in its making which inflated up to $243 million. This sounds like a startling amount of money but if we take a look at the £1.2 billion business this film accomplished, the initial expenditure doesn’t seem to be wasted. The writer and director James Cameron did a pretty fine job at making this film a blockbuster.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest The second sequel of this classic tale of pirates cost a big $245 million to make. The money for this blockbuster came from producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s heavy pocket and NOT from the treasure chests found from all around the world (as legend has it).



Waterworld Although initially lashed by the critics, this movie redeemed itself when it was liked/rescued by the rest of the world. According to today’s valuation it’s an all time expensive movie and it took around $248 million to make.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince The sixth sequel of the Harry Potter series cost a little over $250 million to be assembled. The sixth installment of the popular tale of the boy wizard had no difficulty in rising to the top charts and it did a huge £570 million business. It was, by any definition a massive box office success.



Tangled Another CGI film takes the 5th rank in the list of most expensive movies. Costing $256 million in the making, it made a profit of £362 million, proving to be a box office triumph. The astonishing fact of about this Disney film is that it is supposed to be a children’s tale, but (seems like) it was liked by adults just as much.


Spider-man 3

Spider-man 3 The third chapter of the tale of the man-spider amalgamation takes up the 4th rank in the list. Consuming a colossal $267 million, it came out to be a success even after the critics’ “thumbs-down” reviews.



Titanic The story of the downfall of the goddess of all ships slides easily into the 3rd position in our ranking. James Cameron’s most popular blockbuster ate up $160 million in 1997. In today’s money this figure reaches up to a huge $286 million, dwarfing many later made films.


Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End The 3rd installment of the tale of “charming” pirates takes up the second rank in the list after costing $312 million to make. Astonishing that even after paying out Depp’s outrageous wages, it still couldn’t reach the top.



Cleopatra Price: $43 million making-cost in 1963 make up today’s enormous $314 million, putting this movie on the 1st rank in the list. Fair enough that the tale of the queen of Egypt has been crowned as number one- the most expensive movie ever made and even more remarkable given the age of the film.

It seems almost obscene that some of the most expensive movies ever made have budgets equivalent to the economy of a small country but the world demands to be entertained. As technology advances and more special effects are built into the films and stars’ wages keep apace with inflation, the budgets will seemingly only increase. How many of the 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made do you think worth the money?

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The Avatar and Titanic were definitely worth it. Plus the two JD's pirate-flicks :)

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