Top 10 Must-See Richard Curtis Movies ...


Top 10 Must-See Richard Curtis Movies ...
Top 10 Must-See Richard Curtis Movies ...

Richard Curtis movies are probably very familiar to you even if the name means little, New Zealand-born British director, screen-writer, actor and music producer is well-known for his feel-good British romcoms. Richard Curtis movies made Hugh Grant a star and provided the British nation and worldwide with iconic self-deprecating and quirky-characters in adorably hilarious scenarios. For a cosy night in take a look at this Top 10 Must-See Richard Curtis Movies and watch some of his best and most popular work, with a hot chocolate, fluffy slippers and a bottle of bubbly!

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Bridget Jones’s Diary (Writer)

'I like you. Just the way you are." Swoon fest! Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) playing Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) becomes Bridget’s own real Mr Darcy. This iconic Richard Curtis movie is based on the book by Helen Fielding, which takes inspiration from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The cast director of film made a superb move of casting the original BBC’s Mr Darcy as Mark Darcy in one of the most beloved and funny feel good British film.


Notting Hill (Writer/Producer)

Stammering, clumsy and self-deprecating bookstore owner William Thacker (Hugh Grant) meets beautiful actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) in this world-famous romcom. This Richard Curtis movie follows the story of an unlikely pair finding love in London’s Notting Hill. The movie won a BAFTA and several other awards for its soundtrack and comedy.


Four Weddings and a Funeral (Writer/ Co-producer)

Another movie starring Hugh Grant, as a debonair Englishman, who meets a beautiful American (Andie MacDowell) and repeatedly bumps into her: at four weddings and a funeral. The film follows Hugh Grant’s character, Charlie, and his friends who all wonder whether or not he can give up his debonair lifestyle and fall in love with Ms Right.


Love Actually

An all-star cast and a must see Richard Curtis Christmas movie. It follows the various lives of numerous characters in a short chop-and-change style, and eventually reveals the connections between each character. Relationships, romance and heartbreak are all involved in this whirlwind of a movie with its intricate plot and loveable characters.


The Boat That Rocked (Director/ Writer / Producer)

Set in the 1960s around the time of the British government’s tightening noose around radio piracy. A movie about a group of rebellious radio DJs on a boat in the North Sea providing their avid followers top Rock’n’Roll tracks of the 60s. A stellar cast and soundtrack, this movie is a must-see for its celebration of revolutionary music, freedom of speech and carefree lifestyle which the stifling government was trying to suppress.


War Horse (Screenplay)

Although Steven Spielberg has been showered with praise as the director, this is another Richard Curtis movie. He wrote the screenplay using his knowledge about British World War I history for a heart-warming story about a courageous farm boy and his close bond with his horse, a relationship that is torn apart by the outbreak of war.



Comedy starring Rowan Atkinson as Britain’s favourite mishap. Mr Bean travels to American when he is given the responsibility to transport an extremely valuable painting to the Los Angeles museum and of course, beans it up. This is a silly yet lovable comedy continuing the silliest and funniest character that ever graced British TV on the big screen.


Mr Bean’s Holiday

Another Mr Bean movie continuing on from the popular series and first movie. Mr Bean goes to Cannes, where he accidentally separates a boy from his father on a train and must reunite the two whilst finding the joys in French landscape, cycling, and (perhaps not) French food. Bringing his ignorance and clumsiness back in a full feature-length film, Mr Bean’s Holiday is another hilarious Richard Curtis movie.


The Girl in the Café (Writer)

This Richard Curtis movie was made for television, but attracted 5.5 million viewers on its first airing. It stars Bill Nighy, a civil servant named Lawrence who falls in love with a young woman named Gina (Kelly Macdonald). Lawrence and Gina go to the G8 summit in Iceland where she confronts the Prime Minister regarding world-issues such as poverty and third-world debt in Africa. A romantic tale with serious comments on the state of the world’s imbalanced wealth.



Not technically a movie, although there is a full-length feature (Blackadder Back and Forth) and several mini-TV movies, but this series makes the list because it is 100% a must-see. Rowan Atkinson plays the witty, cynical and plotting Blackadder in various periods of English history: the Tudors, Elizabethan, Georgian and World War I. In each serious, with his servant Baldrick, unlimited in stupidity and terrible ‘cunning plans’, Blackadder plots to get the hell out of his pitiful state of being and obtain immense power.

Richard Curtis movies have defined the British romcom – they are iconic and well-known worldwide thanks to his charming style. If you love Hugh Grant’s often swotty or clumsy characters then you just need to pick any Curtis movie to see him and British stars at their comedic best. What’s your favourite movie out of these Top 10 Must-See Richard Curtis Movies?

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