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Angelina Jolie movies are universally popular for a number of reasons. There's no denying the fact that Angelina is a beautiful woman, which can actually be a detriment in the film industry. There are plenty of beautiful movie stars who couldn't act their way out of a paper bag, and many people think the same thing of Angelina. Honestly, there was a time I thought the same thing as well, but after seeing several Angelina Jolie films, I had to change my view point. So take a look at some of her best work, and see if your favorite Angelina Jolie movie is on the list!

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Girl, Interrupted

Without question, Girl, Interrupted is one of my favorite Angelina Jolie movies. Her role as Lisa was just amazing, and she really complemented Winona Ryder's part as well. Seeing Jolie strung out and going crazy in this film, you really believe it. There were huge differences between the movie and the book, of course, but I still think she made the movie.



My BFF Adam would never speak to me again if I neglected to include this movie on the list. It's his favorite Angelina Jolie film and he turned me onto it as well. Contrary to popular belief (at least in my opinion), Gia Carangi was the world's first super model, as opposed to Janice Dickinson; however, her career was terribly short and filled with personal upheavals. Jolie played the tragic, broken super model to perfection, although I don't doubt there was a time when her fans wondered if life wouldn't imitate art, considering Jolie's wild period just prior to and during her marriage to Billy Bob Thorton.


Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Angelina brought tons of sex appeal to the adaptation of the Tomb Raider video game. She made a smokin' Lara Croft and also proved that she definitely knows how to kick some butt. I honestly don't know of another actress who could have brought Lara Croft to the big screen like this.


The Bone Collector

This is another one of the most popular Angelina Jolie movies, in part because, at the time, it was really something new for the actress. Up to this point, she'd generally played roles on the other side of the law. She was pretty badass in this flick as well, a great foil for Denzel Washington's genius policeman.



Changeling remains one of the most moving Angelina Jolie films I've ever seen. Her turn as Christine Collins was truly heartbreaking, from the initial loss of her son to her involuntary committal caused by her desire to find out the truth about what happened to him. In addition to top notch acting, she was physically gorgeous in this movie too. Of course, the film itself was stunning, due to the 1920s era. The film could have gotten decadent because of the time and too hysterical because of the circumstances, but Jolie's performance was pure understated perfection.



All right, I'll be honest, this is just one of my personal favorite Angelina Jolie movies. I'm not going to say it's unpopular otherwise, but I think most fans are likely of the opinion that it wasn't one of her best movies either. However, I love seeing her in action movies, and I like this one especially because of her character's very last scene.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Speaking of action flicks, can you do better than Mr. and Mrs. Smith? This was just amazing – obviously, since people still managed to enjoy the movie for what it is even though there was a lot of personal controversy surrounding both Jolie and costar Brad Pitt when it came out. The film is both action packed and steamy, and that's how I like my action.


Original Sin

This Angelina Jolie also showcases her stunning physical beauty in addition to her talent as an actress. It's just a gorgeous movie, and she definitely has a ton of chemistry with Antonio Banderas. It's highly sexual, but the intriguing plot is still the central focus.



While Beowulf was a huge flop, Jolie was incredible in Alexander. She is Olympias, Alexander's mother, and she goes to great lengths to ensure her son grows into a powerful man. When she's cast aside because of that, well … hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, am I right? And Angelina is very, very good at playing the scorned woman.


A Mighty Heart

No list of Angelina Jolie movies would be complete without this one, either. The movie is inspired by a real life story, and as such it can be a little difficult to watch. It's incredibly moving but also very harsh in places. One thing is true, though: Angelina shines in the role of Mariana Pearl.

I know there are a lot of non-fans out there, so I urge you to take a look at some or all of these Angelina Jolie movies if you haven't seen them. Forget what you read about and what you see on the covers of magazines and tabloids. Focus on her acting, her expression, and the way she's able to completely merge with her character. Did your favorite Angelina Jolie film make the list? If not, I'd love to know what it is!

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what about Salt?? that was an amazing movie!

I really enjoyed her performance in Beyond Borders with Clive Owens.

I think Angie is great, changeling was so gripping with her genuine reactions in the movie, she's a versatile actress going from documentary to drama to comedy to action and back to romance, she literally has done every genre and does it flawlessly. Who cares what everyone thinks of her, her acting speaks for itself, and her impeccable beauty!

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