10 Absolutely Amazing Angelina Jolie Movies ...

Angelina Jolie movies are universally popular for a number of reasons. There's no denying the fact that Angelina is a beautiful woman, which can actually be a detriment in the film industry. There are plenty of beautiful movie stars who couldn't act their way out of a paper bag, and many people think the same thing of Angelina. Honestly, there was a time I thought the same thing as well, but after seeing several Angelina Jolie films, I had to change my view point. So take a look at some of her best work, and see if your favorite Angelina Jolie movie is on the list!

1. Girl, Interrupted


Without question, Girl, Interrupted is one of my favorite Angelina Jolie movies. Her role as Lisa was just amazing, and she really complemented Winona Ryder's part as well. Seeing Jolie strung out and going crazy in this film, you really believe it. There were huge differences between the movie and the book, of course, but I still think she made the movie.