7 Awesome Women's Sports Movies to Add to Your Must-Watch List ...


7 Awesome Women's Sports Movies to Add to Your Must-Watch List ...
7 Awesome Women's Sports Movies to Add to Your Must-Watch List ...

There are woefully too few women's sports movies if you ask me, and that's a shame for any number of reasons. Women are sports heroes, and not just for the sports that are considered “female designated,” such as cheerleading and figure skating. Those are sports, absolutely, and they're hard work, but as the following women's sports movies will show you, we're capable of kicking butt in all those so-called men's sports, too.

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I'll admit that this is one of my favorite women's sports movies because, once upon a time, I was hopelessly in love with Jonathan Brandis. That being said, although the lead character is a boy in drag, you learn a lot about sportsmanship in this movie – and sportswomanship too, if you please. The team comes together without Martha, and of course the underdogs kick butt.


Bend It like Beckham

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Bend It Like Beckham, however, is a much more serious soccer movie that shows how much dedication and skill the sport requires. I also love that this focuses on an Indian family and the problems Jess faces as she tries to play. Of course I just love the ensemble cast as well. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Keira Knightley? Yes please!


A League of Their Own

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This list wouldn't even be possible without A League of Their Own. I've rhapsodized about this movie in countless posts, and my love for it is still as strong as ever. During the Second World War, women took on many roles that needed to be filled, from Rosie the Riveter type jobs to sports. The women in the real league were pioneers, and this movie chronicled their hope, skill, and love of the game quite beautifully.



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It's a shame that boxing is still seen as such a male-dominated sport, because women kick ass in the ring. Michelle Rodriguez proves as much in this film, and she's a perfect actress to play such a little bad ass. Her character, Diana, comes from a dysfunctional background, and finds the perfect way to take out all of her anger and pain. Forget Rocky, baby!


Blue Crush

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Blue Crush is extremely innovative, because in addition to highlighting the competitive side of surfing, it focuses on female surfers. Michelle Rodriguez shows off her bad girl chops in this film too, but it's Kate Bosworth's Anne Marie that really brings the message home. If you never considered surfing a sport, or if you ever doubted that women could be kick ass surfers, this movie will erase all your skepticism.

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Whip It

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I love sports films that take a look at unexpected sports, and I'd happily watch anything with Ellen Page. Put her in a pair of skates and put her on a roller derby team, and I'm there. These girls are brutal, but more importantly, they're a team first and foremost. And how about that food fight scene, huh?


Love & Basketball

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Love & Basketball is just a really gorgeous movie. The romance involved isn't sappy or cheesy, and it showcases a very real truth: girls are fantastic at basketball. The court doesn't belong to the boys, and as many die hard fans of the WNBA will tell you, girls' games are better, because they focus on teamwork instead of showboating.

I hope you'll find this a good representation of movies that celebrate women in sports. A League of Their Own is definitely my favorite, so much so that it actually inspired me to play softball when I was younger (full disclosure: I was just awful). What are some of your favorite women's sports movies? Do you think the industry highlights the strength and talent of female sports enough?

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I love "A League of Their Own"

What about Million Dollar Baby with Hillary Swank

Blue Crush is awful and I surf every chance I get when I travel that movie sucks!

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