7 Awesome Women's Sports Movies to Add to Your Must-Watch List ...

There are woefully too few women's sports movies if you ask me, and that's a shame for any number of reasons. Women are sports heroes, and not just for the sports that are considered β€œfemale designated,” such as cheerleading and figure skating. Those are sports, absolutely, and they're hard work, but as the following women's sports movies will show you, we're capable of kicking butt in all those so-called men's sports, too.

1. Ladybugs

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I'll admit that this is one of my favorite women's sports movies because, once upon a time, I was hopelessly in love with Jonathan Brandis. That being said, although the lead character is a boy in drag, you learn a lot about sportsmanship in this movie – and sportswomanship too, if you please. The team comes together without Martha, and of course the underdogs kick butt.

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