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7 of the Best Disney Princesses That We Absolutely Adore ...

By Paula

Belle, Jasmine, Ariel; everyone has their favorites when it comes to the best Disney princesses. But there are definitely some that are just prettier, cooler or better in some way than the others. Let's check our some of the best Disney princesses....

1 Princess Merida from Brave

Princess Merida from BraveBeing Scottish, Merida was always going to be my first choice, for a number of reasons. Of course, because she's Scottish, but also because she has cool red hair and a kick-ass attitude that makes her one of the best Disney princesses! I love that she isn't your typical princess and is a bit of a renegade - she's just brilliant.

2 Ariel from Little Mermaid

Ariel from Little MermaidThat red hair and her gorgeous voice - oh, and the Little Mermaid was one of my favorite Disney films growing up. I always loved Ariel because again, she was a bit of a rebel. If you've never seen the Little Mermaid, you're missing out!

3 Mulan

MulanMulan is the ultimate Disney princess that I aspired to be when I was younger - not only is she a princess, she's a warrior! I really enjoyed the film Mulan and it was great to see a female character in a typically male role - I think this is a great film to break gender stereotypes and show little girls that princesses can be tough too!

4 Jasmine from Aladdin

Jasmine from AladdinPrincess Jasmine is so pretty, with her dark Arabian hair and gorgeous eye makeup. I thought that Aladdin was one of the most beautiful Disney films, and loved the exotic location and Robin Williams as the Genie. Jasmine will always be one of my favorites because she's just so cute!

5 Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle from Beauty and the BeastI know that a lot of people list Belle as their favorite Disney princess - she has two qualities that don't often go hand in hand; beauty and kindness. Not only is she one of the prettiest Disney princesses, she is also kind and thoughtful, and she sees beyond the Beast's fearful appearance and falls in love with him. I loved the story as a child and love it even more now I'm an adult, which is why Belle makes it onto my list of the best Disney princesses.

6 Cinderella

CinderellaAlthough Cinderella isn't born a princess, her story of rags to riches is one that all little girls love. I remember queuing to see this at the cinema as a child - I'm sure my parents love me for that! As I recall they had sold out of tickets that day and I think I had a bit of a tantrum...sorry Mum! I loved the story of Cinderella and still do - she's such a sweet, kind person and she's strong too. She manages to break free from the tyranny of her cruel stepmother and jealous stepsisters and find her prince. I loved the mice in the film too - so cute!

7 Snow White

Snow WhiteSnow White is treated like a servant, but she's strong and stays sweet and kind to everyone around her. She's also very pretty, and as a child I was envious of her beautiful dark hair and pale skin. I love the Seven Dwarfs too - I think Grumpy was probably my favorite!

We all have our favorite Disney princesses, and when you were little there was probably one Disney princess that you would have loved to be - which one was it?

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