7 of the Best TV Moms That You Wish Were Yours ...


7 of the Best TV Moms That You Wish Were Yours ...
7 of the Best TV Moms That You Wish Were Yours ...

Over the years, TV shows have given us some of the best TV moms. I love seeing the relationships these moms have with their on-screen families. Take a look at my favorites and picks for the best TV moms. There are SO many more, but these seven are definitely worthy of a spot on the list!

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Clair Huxtable (the Cosby Show)

Clair Huxtable (the Cosby Show) Oh gosh, don’t get me started on The Cosby Show. Not only did they produce one of the best TV moms but I think they produced one of the best TV families! Clair was warm, wise, and beautiful, with a very sly sense of humor. Not to mention that she was one of TV’s first working mothers! It was very, very cool to see a mother so devoted to her family and so devoted to her work. She really set the standards up there!


Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai Gilmore was the ultimate cool mom. She was independent, funny, and incredibly close to her daughter, Rory. What I loved about Lorelai was that she had Rory when she was really young, but managed to keep it all together. I loved their mother/daughter relationship because you could tell that they really were best friends. She’s the mom you can tell anything to!


Reba (Reba)

Reba (Reba) There’s no way Reba couldn’t make the list! The show was one of my favorite shows to watch! Her family was far from perfect, but they really all loved each other. Reba was loyal, funny, and devoted to her children. I mean, hey, she even put up with seeing her ex-husband all the time with his new, much-younger wife. Only an awesome mom would put up with that!


Claire Dunphy (Modern Family)

Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) Claire Dunphy landed a spot in my heart with her hilarious parenting on “Modern Family.” She’s determined to prevent her kids from having the same wild and rebellious lifestyle she had as a teen! Of course, she becomes a bit overbearing. She’s super sarcastic and has this crazy humor. However, you can tell that she really loves her kids. She’s an awesome mom!


Lois (Malcolm in the Middle)

Lois (Malcolm in the Middle) This hard working woman was mother to four boys! She’s stubborn, hot headed, and kind of quirky. These traits gave us all many, many laughs. The boys saw her as a somewhat tyrannical figure and control freak. However, we know why she acts that way. She just wants her boys to succeed!


Carol Brady (the Brady Bunch)

Carol Brady (the Brady Bunch) I mean, must I really explain why Carol Brady makes the list? The show was the typical story of two parents with children from different marriages, who get together and form one big, happy family. She was a stay-at-home mom but did SO much more than that. She was a writer, sculptor, organized school events, and more. She was warm, caring, and loved all of her six kids. She was definitely always busy but always made time for the kids!


Sophia Petrillo (the Golden Girls)

Sophia Petrillo (the Golden Girls) Am I the only who still watches the re-runs of The Golden Girls? This show is hilarious! One of the funniest characters of all time, Sophia Petrillo is known for her sharp comebacks. She cracked a lot of jokes about her daughter Dorothy and her roommates. But even after all that, she was a mother who loved and cared for them all deeply. How funny would it be to have her as a mom?

That sums up my favorite TV moms! They’re all special in their own way. Sure, while watching any of these shows, a few “man, I wish she was my mom” might’ve popped into your head. But let’s be real, no one can replace the love you have for your real mom! Who’s your favorite TV mom?

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Love the golden girls! Great choice :)

Julie Rafter from packed to the rafters could've made the list too. She's amazing!

Lorelai is the best!

Yes it is.

I would add Ann Romano from One Day at a Time.

I don't know who wouldn't want Lorelai as a mom. I'd want the mom from 8 Simple Rules too,she seemed to be another cool one!

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