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Best Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Part 1 of 2 ...

By Emily

Are you wondering about the best romantic movies for Valentine's Day? If you are more of a Netflix and chill (actual chill) kind of girl rather than a wine and dine one, then cozying up on the couch with your guy with some sweets or a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie is your kind of Valentine’s Day.

However, convincing a guy to watch a romantic movie may be difficult, which is why I have come up with a list of films that both you and him might enjoy. For this article, I compiled a list of some of my favorite romantic movies that I think most people would like. I did not list any Nicholas Sparks movies as those are a given for such a holiday. So don’t be too upset if you don’t see The Notebook. The majority of the films are romantic comedies so you don’t have to worry about having a box of tissues. Also, I didn’t include films that contain another major subplot like the Titanic. Besides the touching love story, there is also the historical tragedy of the ship sinking. Quite the bummer on what is supposed to be a joyful holiday.

Anyway, here is part 1 of the best romantic movies for Valentine's Day.

1 10 Things I Hate about You

2 13 Going on 30


Blake lively sweater

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3 50 First Dates

4 Along Came Polly

5 Annie Hall

6 Benny & Joon

7 Dan in Real Life

8 Fever Pitch

9 Hitch

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