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Have you seen the Honest Trailers on YouTube? They sum up exactly what well-known movies and TV shows are about. Movie trailers tend to be grandiose, because they're selling a movie. But Honest Trailers live up to their name, and tell it how it is - all done in the gravelly voiceover typical of trailers. So watch these Honest Trailers - they'll have you falling about laughing at how accurate they are …

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Game of Thrones

This is my favorite Honest Trailer so far. I love Game of Thrones, but this 'trailer' gets right to the funnier aspects of the show. 'The 10 characters whose names you actually remember' - that's so true! And their description of King Joffrey is so spot on, you wonder why you never saw it before.


The Walking Dead

'The most hated character on a show full of flesh-eating monsters' - no prizes for guessing that this is how Honest Trailers describes Lori. We all cheered when she expired. Mind you, 'Dale face' got to be so annoying that he wasn't far behind. Like Game of Thrones, I enjoy The Walking Dead, but this is a funny summary of the show.


The Expendables

I do appreciate a good action movie, so rather enjoyed 'the only Eighties action movie to come out in 2010'. Once again, Honest Trailers comes up with a solid summary of the movie, asking 'Is Stallone speaking English?' What we want from an action movie is mayhem, so as the trailer says, 'Just shoot a bunch of people already! Ah. That's better.'


The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug

If you find Peter Jackson's Tolkein adaptations just a bit too long (okay, about an hour too long), you'll love this Honest summary of … is it the first or the second in the trilogy? Even fans probably lose track, since a Hobbit movie seems to come out every five minutes.



Do you cringe every time anyone mentions Twilight? Get your own back on this teenage vampire-lite by watching Honest Trailers' withering summary. Twilight is dismissed as 'the romance of a lifetime - expressed entirely in stares.' They also did an Honest Trailer for the second two movies in the trilogy.


The Hunger Games

Perhaps you enjoyed The Hunger Games more than Twilight (either the books or the movies). In which case, you might not be quite as keen on the Honest Trailers version. Then again, you can still be amused seeing fun poked at something you enjoyed. Few things don't have a funny side to them, especially movies.


Les Miserables

I've never understood why, in musicals, the characters sing even the most mundane dialogue ('I must hang out the laundry before picking the kids up from school' / 'traffic's really busy today, I'm going to be late for work'). So it made me laugh that Honest Trailers sing the commentary on their version of Les Mis - which is typically withering and straight to the point.

So find out if Honest Trailers have done their version of your favorite movies or TV shows - or laugh at how scathing their verdict on movies you hated is. And they listen to requests, so if there's a movie you'd love to see them do, ask them! Do trailers make you want to see a movie, or do you pick your cinema choices another way?

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I LOVE honest trailers!! They're hilarious! X

The author of this article should have a go at writing a musical - those lines were really good!

Cinema sins is pretty funny too

I literally could not stop laughing!

Spot on! Though some of these, I like regardless.

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