How to Watch Great Movies when You Can't Afford the Ticket ...


How to Watch Great Movies when You Can't Afford the Ticket ...
How to Watch Great Movies when You Can't Afford the Ticket ...

Movies sure have gotten pricey, haven’t they? For my family of 5, a trip to the movies can easily run $100 or more if we get snacks. Needless to say, we don’t do that very often. If you want to see all the great blockbusters, but don’t want to go broke while doing it, you have come to the right place. There are several ways you can see all the movies you want to see and save some cash, but you may have to wait a few weeks longer than your friends. Here are some tips for saving dollars and seeing all the movies you want to.

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Wait to See the Flick at the Cheap Theaters

In many cities, movies have one last hurrah at the “dollar movies.” It’s usually more like $2.50 or $3.00 these days, but that’s still much better than the $10 or more seats at regular theaters. You won’t be able to see the movie for a couple months after it comes out, but you sure will save some dough if you wait. The snacks are still pretty expensive, so be ready for that.


Join Netflix and You Can Binge Watch Movies for Cheap

For a flat monthly fee, you can join Netflix and watch as many movies as you want. Simply order what you want to see, then when you’ve watched the movie, send it back and they’ll mail you the next one on your list. You can sometimes stream Netflix through your cable box too. I love watching movies at home instead of the theater because you can wear your pajamas and eat snacks that don’t cost a whole paycheck.


Visit Your Local Library and Browse Their Movie Selection

Most major public libraries get all the newest movies on DVD and you can check them out – get this – for FREE! All you need to do is get a library card and you can take home all the movies you can handle. You usually get to keep them for a week, so if you really love them, you can watch them several times before returning them.


Find a Redbox near You and Go Crazy

It’s only a little over $1 to rent a Redbox movie. They get all the newest movies as soon as they are available on DVD and you can check out several at the same time. You watch the movie, then must return to it to any Redbox within 24 hours or you’ll be charged for another day. This is easy and convenient for spur of the moment movie nights.


Check out Movie/Restaurant Combos to save on Tickets

There are some theaters that serve meals and cocktails instead of standard movie snacks. If you are already planning on going out to eat, going here lets you do that, but you also get cheaper movie tickets. The one near my house offers tickets to the newest releases for only $6. The best part – you don’t even have to order food if you don’t want to.


Look for Groupon Deals to save Cash

Groupon is available in most major cities and often offers buy one get one free deals. Split it with a friend and you can see a movie for a fraction of the cost. Some theaters offer movie and snack deals that include a drink, popcorn and a movie ticket – often for less than one regular ticket without snacks. Check back often because the deals change every day.


Snap up Premiere Tickets when They Come Your Way

Often, movie theaters will offer free premiere tickets to movies that haven’t opened yet. You might need to befriend the employees at your local movie theater or watch the ads in the paper to find premiere tickets. That hard work will pay off when you get to see a free movie before anyone else.

How do you save money seeing movies? My favorite way is to check them out at the library. Will you try any of these ideas?

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While I watch movies online without downloading them. I also only watch them after they come out from the theatre 100's to enjoy from different countries.

Bootleg, duh.

Good post!

When there's a will there is a way

Good tips. Cha-ching!

a hacked Amazon tv

Go to!!! Like a week after a new movie comes out, it ends up online for free. No downloading and no signing up. Just click play and enjoy:)

I buy second hand dvd's at charity shops, two rabbits with one stone.

Swap movies with friends and family

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