9 Most Fashionable Movies Every Fashionista Must Watch ...

I wanted to make a list of the most fashionable movies because some of my favourite films are my favourites purely because they are completely beautiful to watch. Not because of their compelling plots or an amazing love story (although obviously those things help), but because every single detail is so meticulously considered and chosen that every scene is like a moving piece of art. There aren't many films that manage that, and those that do are a joy to watch. It's the fashion, the jewels, the make-up; it makes watching a good film an even better experience. So, here's a collection of the most fashionable movies you should watch if you want a little fashion with your film.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Probably one of the most fashionable movies in the world! When Audrey stood in front of Tiffany's in a little black dress with pearls and a croissant, it created THE wardrobe classic. What other films can claim that?! Although, personally, my favourite moments are either the orange coat or the silky pyjamas with those ornate ear plugs.

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