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Upcoming Movie Releases to Keep Your Summer Full of Entertainment ...

By Laura

There's nothing better to keep you cool in the summer than to hit the theaters-okay so maybe the beach or the pool-but if you're not in the mood to swim, hit the movies! Here's a list of some awesome and highly anticipated movies hitting the big screen this summer that you should definitely check out!

Table of contents:

  1. Wonder woman-release date june 2nd
  2. Churchill-release date june 2nd
  3. Letters from baghdad-release date june 2nd
  4. Cars 3-release date june 16th
  5. Rough night-release date june 16th
  6. Transformers: the last knight-release date june 21st
  7. Despicable me 3-release date june 30th
  8. Spider-man: homecoming-release date july 7th
  9. War for the planet of the apes-release date july 14th
  10. To the bone-release date july 14th
  11. Bad dads-release date july 14th
  12. Step-release date august 4th
  13. Wind river-release date august 4th
  14. Annabelle: creation-release date august 11th
  15. Gotti-release date august 25th

1 Wonder Woman-Release Date June 2nd

2 Churchill-Release Date June 2nd

3 Letters from Baghdad-Release Date June 2nd

4 Cars 3-Release Date June 16th

5 Rough Night-Release Date June 16th

6 Transformers: the Last Knight-Release Date June 21st

7 Despicable Me 3-Release Date June 30th

8 Spider-Man: Homecoming-Release Date July 7th

9 War for the Planet of the Apes-Release Date July 14th

10 To the Bone-Release Date July 14th

12 Bad Dads-Release Date July 14th

13 Step-Release Date August 4th

14 Wind River-Release Date August 4th

15 Annabelle: Creation-Release Date August 11th

16 Gotti-Release Date August 25th

What movies are you going to see when they finally hit theaters? Any from this list? Any not on this list you're anticipating? Drop a message in the comments!

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