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12 Feminist Movies Every Girl Should See at Least Once ...

By Alicia

If you take a look at the film industry from a general viewpoint, you would realize that women are underrepresented. And that's why you need to watch these feminist movies every girl should see at least once.

Female actresses are being paid less money than male actors. Moreover, it has been identified that only 74 women were invited out of all 271 invitees to join The Academy of Motion Arts.

Due to this, women often find it difficult to enjoy a movie because they are often misrepresented. However, you don’t need to worry too much over that fact because there are plenty of feminist movies every girl should see .

Here is a list of 12 of the most prominent feminist movies out there. Enjoy!

Table of contents:

  1. Pocahontas
  2. Thelma & louise
  3. Miss congeniality
  4. Matilda
  5. The hunting ground
  6. Erin brockovich
  7. Mona lisa smile
  8. Orlando
  9. Alien
  10. The hunger games
  11. Legally blonde
  12. The stepford wives


Pocahontas is an animated movie by Disney. The story of this movie is based on a real person named Pocahontas. The entire movie rotates around the life of this Native American woman. Pocahontas was not just a princess, who had the luxury of living in a castle. She was a courageous, smart, strong and rebellious woman. Even the father of Pocahontas once said that she speaks with wisdom beyond the eyes. She can be considered as the most recognizable feminists among Disney princesses and Pocahontas is definitely one of the top feminist movies every girl should see.


Thelma & Louise is a road movie, which was released back in 1991. The story is about two friends who are going for a short weekend getaway. Even though it was supposed to be an ordinary road trip, an unfortunate accident changed their journey. While facing these challenges, Thelma & Louise strengthen the bond that they have with each other. This movie clearly shows how strong a woman can be.


Miss Congeniality is a movie about an FBI agent, which was released back in 2000. Sandra Bullock plays the main role in this movie. She is an independent and smart woman who is dedicated to her job. In fact, she pays more attention to her role as an FBI agent than she does to her appearance. While she is working as an FBI agent, the FBI receives a letter, which threatens to attack the Miss United States pageant. So now she's got to be a beauty queen and an FBI agent at the same time, proving that women can do it all.


Matilda is a movie based on the popular book under the same name. This movie is all about a young girl blessed with telekinetic powers. Unfortunately, she is not appreciated by family members and often ignored. In the meantime, her father sends her to a school she hates. However, Matilda develops a friendship with her teacher. Mrs. Jennifer provides the appreciation and support that Matilda has never experienced in her life. In fact, Mrs. Jennifer allows Matilda to be herself again. As a result, Matilda slowly grows into an independent girl.


The number of women who are being sexually assaulted are significantly high when compared to men. The Hunting Ground is a movie based on this fact. This is a documentary that highlights the unforeseen side of rape and assault that takes place on the university campuses in United States. There is a common story behind the lives of every sexually assaulted victim living in the country. This movie clearly reveals that story.


Erin Brockovich is based on a true story. It's about a woman named Erin, who is a single mother who is currently unemployed. When she finally gets into a job in a law firm, she finds fortune and helps get justice for a huge number of victims. She's a true inspiration!


Mona Lisa Smile is an inspirational movie that every feminist should watch. This story is about a teacher named Katherine who is provided with an offer to teach in a girl’s only college. One of the key responsibilities that Katherine has to deal with is to teach traditional morals and good behaviors to girls. It is not an easy job, but you can see how Katherine overcomes all her struggles through this movie.


Orlando is a drama that was released back in 1992. This movie is about a queen who has been blessed with immorality. In fact, this queen is a young nobleman, who has transformed into a woman with the objective of finding the specific purpose of both sexes. As a result, gender equality is one of the highlighted topics in this movie.


Alien is one of the most popular horror, sci-fi and space movies ever released. In this movie, the main role is a self-reliant and clear minded woman. The team is engaged in a space mission and they come across an alien attack while returning back to the planet Earth. Ripley, who is the main character of this movie, is a badass woman who is not afraid of anything. She is more competent than all the other crew members, including the males.


The entire Hunger Games movie series is a female dominated one. In this movie, the main story rotates around 12 poor districts, which have to serve the Capitol. Every single year, Hunger Games are being organized by the Capitol, where one girl and one boy from every district have to fight against each other. This fight goes on until only one survives. A strong female character named Katniss Everdeen takes this movie to a whole new level by voluntarily taking part in the competition.


Legally Blonde is all about a woman who tries hard to win back her ex. She goes through a series of challenges to get him back. For example, she enrolls in Harvard Law School. Since she is a blonde, everybody assumes that she is a dumb woman. However, the courage of this blonde woman proves all of them wrong.


The Stepford Wives is a thriller, horror and sci-fi movie all rolled into one. The movie is based on a novel, which was published under the same name. The entire movie rotates around a young woman named Joanna. She lives in a small place in NYC named Stepford. She comes across a series of strange activities while she is living there, but uses her courage and grit to solve the puzzle and find out what's going on.

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