The 7 Most Sexually Charged Movies of All Time ...


Do you need a way to get your partner in the mood on Valentine's Day? If you do, then you should watch a steamy movie together. According to Women's Health Mag, here are some of the most sexually charged movies of all time:

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Shakespeare in Love

If you're a fan of Shakespeare, you'll love this movie.


American Pie

If you're looking for a comedy, look no further.


High Fidelity

This movie is steamy all the way through.


"High Fidelity" spins the tale of Rob Gordon, a record store owner played with unmatched charm by John Cusack, as he revisits his past relationships through music and pop culture. The film turns an introspective look at love and heartache into a sizzling journey, dissecting the complexities of intimacy with a rock-and-roll edge. Sensuality is not just in the encounters but in the soulful connections to the songs that frame each moment, making it a treasure trove for anyone who's ever mixed a beat with a heartbeat.


Hall Pass

Here's another hot movie that'll keep you laughing.


From Dusk Till Dawn

If you like vampires, then this movie will turn you on.


Sex and the City

This has sex in the title, so you know it's going to be steamy.


No Strings Attached

How could a movie with Ashton be bad?

What's your favorite steamy movie?

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Agreed with Peony Blue, OMG Seth Gecko!!

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From dusk till dawn georgie boy looked his most gorgeous heheeh

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