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25 TV Shows and Movies That Definitely Deserve a Reboot ...

By Lyndsie

Hollywood's run out of ideas, so they're slowly but surely remaking all our old favorite movies and TV shows. I doubt the big boys in Lalaland are taking requests, but just in case, here's what I want to see on the small screen and the big screen. No more Chipmunks movies, please.

1 Lost

Just … just for some real closure, you know? I mean, I know it's a fairly recent show, but I think fans deserve it. A TV movie, something.

2 The Twilight Zone

Series like “American Horror Story” where every season is different are increasingly popular. A show like “The Twilight Zone” is ideal, plus you can only imagine the types of stories a skilled team of writers could concoct.

3 Firefly



This is probably just me. Is this just me? I don't care. No one will ever understand how desperately I need to see Charles Foster Offdensen again.

5 Queer as Folk

HBO's “Looking” almost filled the gap, but not quite. Sadly, there's probably no hope for a reboot with Gale Harold and there's definitely no use wishing for an updated version featuring Charlie Hunnam, but see, that leaves the door open for a whole host of talented gay actors and actresses to pick up the reins in Pittsburgh.

6 Murphy Brown

I watched this on Nick-at-Nite as a preteen when I hardly understood the political pretext, and I still loved Murphy. I think a reboot is practically a necessity for today.


Don't call me a blasphemer, I have a point. I would love to see an updated version of this classic with, oh, I don't know. A little diversity couldn't hurt.

8 Sports Night

This might also just be me. And, admittedly, I'm crotchety and would only want a reboot with most of the original cast.

9 Freaks and Geeks

Sure, it would never be with the same cast, but the premise was so sharp and funny and relatable – even if you're watching as a dorky, awkward adult who used to be a dorky, awkward teen.

10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Premise: Buffy has a daughter or son, who is also a vampire slayer? Maybe part vampire, even? I don't know, but it needs to be done.

11 Pushing up Daisies


12 Dead like Me

Again, WHY WAS THIS EVEN CANCELED? Okay, yes, there was also the movie, but no. I want a series. I demand it.

13 The Wire

This goes without saying, don't you think? This was just the best show, and there are seventy-seven thousand ways to make it relevant.

14 Family Matters

I want to see all of these characters on my screen again. Especially Urkel because Jaleel White is a beautiful man.

15 The Facts of Life

This would have to be a top-to-bottom reboot, yeah, but the world needs a 2016 version.

16 Are You Afraid of the Dark?

This could be the best TV show in the world.

17 Daria

The world needs Daria. Daria needs to come back.

18 The Breakfast Club

I know, I know, it's a classic and it's perfect the way it is, but wouldn't you kind of love to see it modernized? It still resonates with teens, but I think that in the right hands with the right actors, a really well-done remake couldn't hurt.

19 Fatal Attraction

Oh, I would love to see this get the reboot treatment. For 2016 and beyond, they could do so much with the storytelling and casting.

20 The Neverending Story

I know, I know, it's another classic, but if the Chipmunks aren't sacred, nothing is. I love the original – not so much the sequels, but definitely the original. Whether they made another sequel, a prequel, or a total remake, I just think today's FX could make this a really epic film.

21 Clue

Same. Except I always feel a twinge when anyone wants to remake a Tim Curry movie. Because I luuuurrrrvvvve him.

22 Goonies

Don't get me wrong, the original is everything. But if we have to be on this 'let's remake everything' train, let's at least make movies that have imagination and creativity in the first place.

23 Top Gun

I'll say it. I'd like to see Top Gun with girls. Or, failing that, I'd love for someone to play up the homoeroticism in the original.

24 The Running Man

Except this time? Let's make it fall more in line with Stephen King's actual story, why don't we? After all, the dystopian future predicted in the book looks a little closer every day.

25 Legend

Don't shoot me! It's not like I said anyone should remake Labyrinth or anything (Author's Note: so ... just heard they're rebooting Labyrinth and I think that is bull crap). Think of what today's makeup artists and special effects teams could do with Legend, though. Man, oh man.

Agree, disagree, have choices of your own? Hit me with it!

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