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24 Movies We All Want Made into TV Shows ...

By Heather

Who wouldn't love to see Harry Potter as a TV show, or what about Star Wars? Or Ghostbusters? I know that I would! I'd love to see exactly what they would come up with when it comes to a the cast, the storyline, how they would keep it going. What movies would you want to be made into TV shows? Below is my list!

1 Harry Potter Series

2 Lord of the Rings

3 When Harry Met Sally

4 The Princess Diaries

5 Ghostbusters

6 The Bourne Series

7 Men in Black Series

8 Chronicles of Narnia Series

9 Saving Private Ryan

10 Groundhog Day

11 Kill Bill

12 Never Been Kissed

13 Sin City

14 Toy Story Series

15 The Hunger Games Series

16 Hocus Pocus

17 Dallas Buyer's Club

18 Catch Me if You Can

19 Mean Girls

20 The Wolf of Wallstreet

21 Ted

22 The Matrix

23 Edward Scissorhands

24 Star Wars

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