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History Buffs Need to See These Netflix Period Pieces ...

By Sabrina

There's something amazing about historical dramas. They whisk you away to a different world—which is exactly what you want your binge Netflix days to do for you, right? But not all period pieces are created equal. Here's a list of the best ones to add to your Netflix queue!

1 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

This murder mystery is quirky, fun, and, of course, mysterious! I fell in love with Miss Fisher the first time I watched it. She's charming and elegant, but also extremely empowered for a 1920's woman! Follow her adventures throughout Roaring 20's in this Australian series.

2 Grand Hotel

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one telenovela! But unlike some Spanish series, Grand Hotel isn't too overacted or dramatic. Instead, it's a truly captivating series about secrets and star crossed lovers—somehow not in a cheesy way! If you love Downton Abbey and still begrudge Netflix for not adding it to their collection, try Grand Hotel. Also, don't worry, there are subtitles! So even if you don't speak Spanish, give this show a chance.

3 The Paradise

One of my favorite aspects of period pieces is the gorgeous costumes that make you feel more like you're attending a ball in a different era than like you're sitting in your living room in pajamas. That's why I love The Paradise! This BBC drama depicts the love and work life of England's first department store owner in the 1870's.

4 Land Girls

I'm a big fan of wartime dramas, but unfortunately most of the blockbuster war movies are all about men in battle. But World War II didn't just rally support from brave men, but also patriotic women who were willing to sacrifice a lot for the war effort! Land Girls shows that side of the war, and much more about 1940's culture and society, in a way that will have you hooked on the show in no time!

5 The Bletchley Circle

Have you ever wondered what happened to women post war? We know that there was a big push from the media to put women back in the home using shows like "Leave it to Beaver" and "Father Knows Best". But not all women were content to ignore their wartime accomplishments and enter a world of forced domesticity. In fact, some women used the skills they had acquired during the war to help fight crime in the post-war era. Talk about girl power! Want to learn more? Just watch The Bletchley Circle.

5 Robin Hood

Now we're taking it way back! I'm talking shooting bows and arrows from a watch tower and riding carriage rides through the woods—that's right, Robin Hood! Everyone loves a classic, right? And trust me, even if you didn't like Robin Hood as a kid, you will now. If not for the exciting plot and well-developed characters, then for the gorgeous men in tights!

7 Mad Men

If more modern time periods tickle your fancy, you should join the millions of viewers addicted to Mad Men! Sadly, the series is over, but there 6 seasons for you to fall in love with! (Remember, in America, bigger is better, so each series is much longer than A British one, thank goodness!) This show is like a mid 20th century Downton Abbey, in that is takes you on a journey through several decades to get a full sense of how American culture evolved from the 50's-70's.

I love finding new period pieces to obsess over, so if you have any more recommendations, please share in the comments! Do you already love any of the series I listed?

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