7 Television Shows on Right Now That Are Already Classics ...

There are a lot of television shows on right now, and of those shows, there are a few that can already be considered classics, even if they are still on the air. Some are sitcoms, some aren’t, but all of these shows will be loved and revered by many, even decades from now. Whether you love Modern Family or Scandal, one of your favorite television shows on right now is probably on this list.

1. How I Met Your Mother

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The closer it gets to the finale of How I Met Your Mother, the more positive I am that this is one of the most classic television shows on right now. While the ninth season has been a bit rocky, the way that they’re tying up the series as a whole is unparalleled. They’re bringing back unanswered bits from years ago that we thought we’d never hear of again, and we get to learn more about the mother as the season progresses. This is definitely a show that will be a classic, even decades from now.

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