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Don’t you just love TV relationships? I personally watch too much TV, meaning that I can list off my favorite TV relationships for you in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s Ted and the Mother on How I Met Your Mother, or even Mel and Joe on Melissa and Joey, TV relationships are some of my favorite parts of watching TV. They’re lovely to watch, and they always provide the best laughs.

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Ted and the Mother

While How I Met Your Mother’s end has officially come, the writers didn’t stop us from falling in love with the Mother as much as Ted does. After he tortured us with 8 seasons worth of awful girlfriends, it’s been wonderfully refreshing meeting the woman who is so perfect for Ted. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that I love her almost as much as I love them together. They’ve become one of the fastest (yet also somehow slowest) classic TV relationships of all-time.


Mindy and Danny

Where do I even start with these two? After Fox left the audience with what felt like the longest hiatus to ever exist after the greatest TV kiss to ever exist, Mindy and Danny are finally back to indulge our inner fan girls. Danny is the guy every girl wants to find, and Mindy is the girl every girl wants to be. They are easily one of the greatest, most complex relationships on TV right now, and you must start watching this show if you haven’t.


Ben and Leslie

While most will they/won’t they couples get stale after they finally get together, Ben and Leslie somehow got even better. Their relationship has stayed fresh and quirky, despite their somewhat recent wedding. Plus, they actually feel like a real couple, which is definitely a testament to the awesome writers.


Jim and Pam

Yes, I know, The Office ended almost a year ago. I think I might still be in denial about it, though, because I couldn’t imagine writing this list without including everyone’s favorite TV couple. Even though this show’s been off the air for a while, everyone still loves Jim and Pam with the same fervor of season two. For those of us who watched them fall in love over the course of nine seasons, it’s hard not to hold a special place in your heart for them.


Cory and Topanga

Cory and Topanga haven’t graced our TVs in almost fourteen years, but that’s all about to change soon! Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are reprising their roles as Cory and Topanga in Disney Channel’s new series, Girl Meets World, and just the pictures of the two of them on set together are enough to kill even the strongest of fan girls. Cory and Topanga are together again!


Nick and Jess

While many have complained that Nick and Jess have gotten boring this season, they’ve still become a classic TV couple that we all love. The last few episodes of season two were enough to confirm that. Plus, it’s nice to see a couple without drama for once on TV. It is a sitcom, after all, and they are basically perfect.


Mel and Joe

After what felt like hundreds of years of waiting, Mel and Joe finally got together on the ABC Family series Melissa and Joey. They have everything we want in a TV couple, the will they/won’t they relationships, the enemies turned friends, and now they’re the perfect couple. Even if you don’t watch ABC Family very often, Melissa and Joey is one to check out.

What's your favorite TV couple? I can't pick just one! Let me know in the comments!

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Marshall and lily from himym

Mel and joe. But they don't

Totally agree with Jess and nick❤️❤️

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