7 TV Cliques I Wish I Could've Been a Part of ...

There are so many awesome TV cliques that I wish I could've been a part of. I mean, am I the only one who gets so invested in a show where you actually feel as though those characters are your friends?! I didn't think so. I've probably spent too much time imagining I was a part of these TV cliques. Check them out and then let me know which one you'd love to be a part of!

1. New Girl

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No one wishes there was a real-life Nick Miller more than I do. New Girl has such a fantastic cast and the chemistry that those friends have is incomparable. How awesome would it be to be invited to one of Schmidt's ridiculous parties? You also have to love how this clique always keeps it real (i.e. the 'douchebag' jar). The New Girl gang is just one of the TV cliques I wish I could've been a part of!

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