17 Movie Villains We Loved More than the Heroes ...

Why is it that we love the bad boy, the femme fatale, the villain? Do you know how many movies I watch where I actively root for the villain instead of the hero? Maybe it's human nature. Maybe I'm sick and twisted. Maybe the pull of bad boys and girls is just too much to resist. I don't know, but I'm testing the hypothesis. Can you make it to the end of this post without getting a little tingly for at least one of these villains?

1. The Joker from the Dark Knight

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Number one, all day, every day. I do not yet know if I shall root for Jared Leto's Joker in the Suicide Squad with as much love and glee as I rooted for the late, great Heath Ledger's, but I'm eager to see. These are some pretty big shoes to fill, though. I wanted him to take down Batman so bad.

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