17 Things We Can Learn from Classic '90s Films ...

The '90s gave us some amazing movies. More than that, many of the classic '90s films provided the generation with invaluable life lessons. Yes, I am serious. There are lessons to be learned from Clueless, Empire Records, and The Sandlot – especially The Sandlot! Heroes get remembered, legends never die! Ahem. But anyway. In the course of re-watching my favorite '90s movies, I discovered that I learned every lesson I needed to learn from these flicks. Don't worry. I got proof.

1. Sometimes Our Biggest Fears Aren't Actually Scary

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Sometimes, in fact, you can worry and wonder about something so long, you build it up to be something so much bigger than it really is. You see a monster in your mind, but in reality, you're afraid of a big, friendly, drooling dog. Nothing is ever as scary as it seems in your mind.

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