7 Best Movie Heroes We All Love to Death ...

When you think of who the best movie heroes are, do you think of characters like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman? Or do you consider characters like Katniss, Harry Potter, and Frodo - heroes because they are more relatable? You’ll have to continue reading to find out who is on my list of best movie heroes. Who knows, it just might surprise you!

1. Star Wars (Luke, Han Solo, Princess Leia)

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When the Princess gives you a gold medal for saving everyone, you just know your character is going to make the best movie heroes list! However, the guys aren’t the only heroes in “Star Wars”, Princess Leia does a bit of ass kicking herself. Luke and Han Solo are there to rescue her, but she stands on her own after they free her. The three of them together bring down the Empire and win the hearts of each other as well as every nerd watching!

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