7 Items of Movie News You're Going to Love ...


7 Items of Movie News You're Going to Love ...
7 Items of Movie News You're Going to Love ...

If you’re an avid fan of films and love going to the cinema, or a Netflix (or similar) addict, you probably also spend time following the latest movie news. You love to hear new movie announcements, news about who is going to be cast as your favorite characters, if there is going to be an adaptation of your best book, or whether there will be a sequel to a favorite movie. I’ve gathered up some of the most recent pieces of movie news I think you’re going to be pleased to know.

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Harry Potter Spin off

There are two really big pieces of movie news that will top and tail this list (the last one is well worth waiting for – trust me!). The first is that J K Rowling has signed a deal with Warner Brothers for a movie based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander– one of the Hogwarts textbooks. This will be JKR’s first purposely written screenplay and the author herself has described it as an extension to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. There are also rumors that future productions may be built around other books featured/mentioned in the original series, like The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Quidditch Through the Ages.


Cruella De Vil is Back

Did you love the live action versions of the 101 Dalmatians? Didn’t Glenn Close make a really convincing Cruella De Vil – arch villainess? Well then, you’ll love the news that will have spotty dogs everywhere quaking in their fur – Disney has announced a new live action adventure for the wicked woman. The film is to be written by Aline Brosh McKenna, who penned The Devil Wears Prada, and the producer will be Andrew Gunn. Rumors are abound as to whether Glenn Close will reprise her role or if McKenna is writing it with Meryl Streep in mind.


4th Narnia Installment

If you’re a fan of the books and movies of The Chronicles of Narnia and were left wanting after The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the bit of movie news that production of the 4th book is steaming ahead will make your day. It will be produced by Mark Gordon who has a massive list of producing credits to his name, including Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Saving Private Ryan.


Star Wars Episode VII

I am such a devotee of Star Wars. I have loved the series since I saw the very first one on its release day in the UK back in 1977. Since I heard of the Lucas/Disney deal and knew that new films were on the horizon, I scour the movie news to keep updated on their progress. This week I read that Saoirse Ronan has been for a Star Wars VII screen test. Now, this isn’t exactly earth shattering, but it means that work has really started and it brings those much anticipated new Star Wars movies closer.


The Bronze Horseman

There aren’t many details yet but I can share with you that there will be a film adaptation of The Bronze Horseman. If you haven’t read this wonderful best seller by Paullina Simons – I highly recommend it, and I think it will make a wonderful film. The story is a love triangle set against the Siege of Leningrad in 1941 and the screenplay is being adapted by the author herself. Filming is expected next year.


Oscar Gossip

As we reach the end of the year, there will be increasing gossip in the movie news and tips for the main Oscar awards for 2014. It seems, however, much of the Hollywood press has already awarded the Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar to Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine. A number of critics and journos have already made her a shoe-in!


Doctor Who 50th

I said I had saved the best till last and this is for all you Doctor Who fans out there I know have been waiting this news eagerly. As you will already know, there is a special feature length Doctor Who coming to celebrate the series’ 50th Anniversary and it will star both current Doctor Matt Smith and previous – and many people’s favorite – Doctor, David Tennant. I can reveal that the BBC has announced that the special show will be screened simultaneously in 75 (wow) countries on November 23rd. Woohoo! Check your local listings nearer the time to confirm.

So, as they say… that’s all, folks. Well for now anyway! Have you got any more great movie news to share?

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