7 Marvelous Ed Norton Movies That Make Us Love Him ...

There are so many truly excellent Ed Norton movies that narrowing down the list is well nigh impossible. If I had my way, I would include his entire filmography, but failing that, I've simply including the films I watch over and over again. Edward Norton is just amazing. There's something about him, some kind of charisma that allows him to play the innocent boy and the villain – and often he straddles the line in between those two extremes. Check out my favorite Ed Norton movies, and be sure to add yours as well!

1. American History X

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American History X is one of my top three favorite Ed Norton movies. It's so powerful, so chilling, and so heartbreaking. It was a great vehicle for Edward Furlong too, and I'm sad that didn't go further, but it was an especially powerful role for Edward Norton. It showcased his versatility, not just in terms of the roles he plays, but in the way he's able to develop his characters. The story of Derek and Danny will hit you right in the feels.

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