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7 Food Documentaries Everyone Should Make Time to Watch ...

By Heather

As someone who is passionate about health, I can tell you that I am avid about staying as educated I can, and food documentaries have been an integral part of my success with health. Food documentaries that have been made over the last few years have changed the way I eat, think, and see the society that we live in. I personally feel we live in a society that tells us it is normal to eat junk food, too many animal sources of protein, and live on fast food and prescription drugs for survival. At the core of it, nutrition is becoming a trend instead of a priority. Food documentaries changed the way I think about the way I treat my body as well. These films are anything but boring, and in my opinion, extremely interesting and revolutionary. Check a few of them out if you can from your local library, or view them online. They’are also available on Amazon for just a few dollars if you’re interested. I hope you love them as much as I do.

1 Food Inc

I was required to watch Food Inc. for a class in college, and this is by far one of my favorite food documentaries to date. It is the most raw, eye-opening experience I’ve ever had in regards to my food, the supermarket industry, the lies the government tells us, and they way advertising has affected our health. More so than that, it revealed to me how important a plant based diet was, and it immediately changed the way I ate and feel. This movie is a must watch for everyone in my opinion.

2 Forks over Knives

I recently watched this amazing food documentary, which I have heard so much about for the last few years. Forks Over Knives is based off the China Study, which was written into a book several years ago by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. It is one of the most comprehensive studies done to date on the effects of a plant-based diet. The film Forks Over Knives details the study, but also gives three people in real life scenarios who overcome obesity, a reliance on prescription drugs, and living from a stressful, sick lifestyle, all by simply switching to a plant-based diet. Anyone will feel inspired after they watch this film.


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3 Vegucated

Vegucated was given to me by a friend, and I’m so glad she gifted me with this funny film on undergoing a vegan diet. This film takes a humorous approach to plant-based eating, but details the real life benefits behind it. The funny part comes from how challenging it is for the common person, yet in the end, it’s one of the best ways to show even the most skeptical person how tasty and simple plant-based eating can be.

4 Hungry for a Change

I watched this film last year and was blown away! The film was free online for awhile, and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to watch it. If you want to change the way you eat, live and think, watch this film. The title really does show that as a nation, we are in desperate need of a change. Hungry for a Change reveals our country’s addictions to sugar and why we can’t quit eating it or escape it, prescription drugs that we’re being told are good for us, and animal foods that come from terrible, inhumane sources that most of us don’t even know about. It is also great for the person new to plant-based eating to watch, which makes it great to check out.

5 Food Matters

I watched Food Matters this week for the first time and loved the different approach this film takes on compared to other food documentaries. Food Matters depicts the use of a raw, organic diet, based off studies performed by Dr. Gerson of the Gerson Theory, who linked this type of diet to actually treating and preventing cancer. Food Matters also shows how certain superfoods and nutritional vitamins can be all we need to heal our bodies, and give ourselves back a state of health we’ve learned to rely on drugs for. It is an easy to watch film, and focuses on simple, core nutrition, which energizes us on a cellular level, not just something to fill our plates with. This film has a high focus on cancer prevention and treatment, which I found unique and inspiring on all levels.

6 Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I love this inspiring food documentary! You’ll love it too if you want to see how a real, everyday person took their obese state of health and disease to one of a normal body weight and vibrant living. This film features Joe Cross, who decided to get rid of his obese status, heart issues, and constant food obsessions, by undergoing a plant-based diet that began as a 60 day juice fast. While I’m not suggesting you go on a juice fast, this film is one of the most inspirational movies to watch if you want to see how an everyday person changed their life through nutrition alone. The film is also humorous at points too, which was a great uplifting feel.

7 Fresh the Movie

Lastly, one of the best movie to watch of the most popular food documentaries is Fresh, The Movie. A book was written titled “Fresh” as well, and makes for a good accompaniment to the film, if you’re interested. Fresh, The Movie, is a film I would recommend to anyone looking to eat healthy on a budget and who is interested in growing local food. It is perfect for anyone who might feel intimidated by undergoing a plant-based diet, and perfect for someone new to this type of lifestyle change.

If I could get everyone I know to just watch one of these films, I’d feel like I had accomplished something. I enjoy learning things so much, and enjoy spreading my passion for knowledge with others, only because health and wellness have changed my life in too many ways to count. Your body is more than an empty tank to fill with something to get it through the day. It is the vessel that serves you, your mind, and provides your body with vibrant energy! These food documentaries are a great way to get inspired and give yourself the best nutrition has to offer. Have you ever seen one of these films?


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