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7 Shows That Changed the Face of TV ...

By Gillian

There are many shows that changed the face of TV and it largely has to do with your own opinion. I personally think the next 7 shows influence a lot of the current shows on TV (with what seems like ALL reality shows!) This is a list that is definitely to each their own, and could go on forever. This is my personal list of shows that changed the face of TV.

1 I Love Lucy

One of the biggest shows of all time, I Love Lucy is one of the shows that changed the face of TV forever. From 1951-1957 the world tuned in every week to watch Lucy and Ricky as the first multi-cultural family. Lucy was the first character to portray a happy housewife who is also questioning her own dreams and in other words, portrays a more lifelike household.

2 Leave It to Beaver

Oh the joys of parents. Thanks to this family of 4, viewers got to tune in and escape the real world to watch the first TV show to actually showcase parenthood. The Cleavers showed how they juggled parenting in a post-World War II era and were considered one of the most ‘traditional’ families on TV.


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3 Friends

This is my favorite show of all time, as I am sure a lot of you would also say. When we watch the 6 best friends live their daily lives in such close corners, I think we all wanted adulthood to be like that. Joey, Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler and Phoebe touched our hearts like we have never before seen. I still watch re-runs – you guys too? I can never watch the same episode too many times!

4 Oprah Winfrey

The big O changed the face of talk show TV forever. No-one will ever amount to the fame and success that she has made for herself as her hard work in this industry has paid off hugely. She is one of the richest celebrities to date, and has the biggest stars by her side.

5 Sesame Street

A lot of us learned to read from watching this show and it is still pure entertainment for kids to come. Sesame Street was the first to consider children as thoughtful and willing to learn creatures, while the other happy-go-lucky children shows were about singing and dancing. Kids can learn from watching this show and it has influenced other children shows like Dora the Explorer.

6 The Simpsons

One of the first shows to mix adult humor with cartoons, The Simpsons was and still is one of the most popular TV shows. People love to watch the weird family go through their everyday life and deal with children like Bart, who is constantly causing drama. And what about Homer? The hilarious dad does everything you’re not supposed to do, and keeps us laughing every episode.

7 Survivor

We all watched this at one time or another. This was the first reality competition show and is still going strong after 27 seasons. Every reality show after this has done along the same lines and it lead the ways for shows like The Challenge on MTV, and even those singing shows like American Idol and The X Factor.

So what do you think? Do you agree? Is there another show that you will always remember and that you think has changed TV today? With all the reality shows, talk shows and what’s meant to seem like ‘real life’, are they really? Well, I guess that’s another whole article on it's own.

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