9 Upcoming TV Shows to Be Excited for ...


9 Upcoming TV Shows to Be Excited for ...
9 Upcoming TV Shows to Be Excited for ...

There are so many upcoming TV shows! Every network is pulling in new series but I thought I’d focus on the main networks (ABC, NBC, and FOX). Take a look at some of the upcoming TV shows you should be excited for! Then, tell me which one you can’t wait to watch!

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I am seriously so excited for this show to air! I don’t know how this concept hasn’t been used before. Well, if it has, I never heard of it! It’s about, well, people resurrecting from the dead without knowing how much time has passed. The series is set to air on the ABC network on Sunday, March 9. It tops my list of upcoming TV shows to be excited for. I’ll definitely be tuning in.



I’m really excited for this supernatural thriller! It’s set to premiere in early 2014 on the NBC network. It revolves around a girl with gifts no one fully understands. She has the power of levitation, telekinesis, the ability to control nature, and even predict the future. She’d been safeguarded from harmful outsiders looking to use her forces for their own gain but now that she is 10, her powers have become stronger, and the threat has grown more dangerous. The series will follow all the different obstacles that Bo (the gifted child) and Tate (her new guardian) will go through in order to keep her safe.



Here’s another ABC show I’m really excited about! The series is set to premiere Feb 26. What’s interesting about this series is that the entire season will take place in the time span of just ONE night. Isn’t that crazy? It’ll focus on a group of ten single people who are all at the bar. My guess is that there’ll be an episode dedicated to telling the backstory of each character? Either way, I’m excited to watch!



This new FOX series is set to premiere this January! The trailer has already made me fall in love with the show. Chris Lowell (the middle brother) plays Corporal Derrick Hill and ladies, he is so good looking. That’s a good enough reason to be tuning into this show! The series will follow the hilarious ups and downs of three brothers who are all serving on a small Florida Army base.


Mind Games

“Mind Games” is set to premiere Tuesday, March 11 on the ABC Network. It revolves around two brothers who are partners in a unique agency committed to solving clients’ problems using the science of psychological manipulation. In other words, they offer an “alternative to fate.” They both have interesting pasts and know exactly what makes people tick. The series seems so interesting, I’m really excited for it! Fingers crossed that the show lives up to the hype.

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Rake is set to premier on the FOX network this January! It follows the comedic and chaotic life of criminal defense lawyer Keegan Deane. He gambles with absolutely everything in his life, which I think is going to make this show so interesting to watch! Aside from his duties as a lawyer, the show will also follow his personal trials and tribulations. This includes his massive debt to his bookie, his overlapping liaisons with various women, and more.


Surviving Jack

FOX is bringing it back to the '90s! “Surviving Jack” is set to premiere next Spring (premiere date TBA). The show is set in 1990s SoCal. It’s about a man becoming a dad, as his son is becoming a man. Christopher Meloni (aka Detective Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: SVU) returns to TV in this new comedy. Fingers crossed that it works out because he’s actually really funny!



I’ll be honest, my interest in the show came partly because Max Schneider is in it. The storyline is really interesting though! The show’s slogan is “How far would you go to protect the ones you love?” Gets you thinking, huh? The show revolves around the kidnapping of a group of children whose parents are DC’s elite, international diplomats, political power players, etc. Keep an eye out for it on NBC’s network!


Killer Women

The first thing I thought when I saw this trailer? This woman is badass. She’s a female ranger in an elite squad and she’s committed to finding the truth and having justice served. Rules will even be broken to make sure the job is done. From executive procure Sofia Vergara, step inside the dangerous world of the Texas Rangers. The series is set to premiere Tuesday, Jan 7 on ABC.

There are so many amazing TV shows that are coming up! It was hard to narrow it down to just 9, but I do think these shows will become very successful! What upcoming shows are you excited for?

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Americans always copy either British or Australian shows and sometimes the original is better. But it would be good to see what rake is like ... As I do love Greg kinnear

Rake is actually based on an Australian show of the same name, so if your excited to watch it maybe check out the original series.

Resurrection is based on a French movie and series called les revenants. There was a book in the states by a guy called Mott recently with the same concept

Can't wait !!!!

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