9 TV Shows That Make You Laugh out Loud ...


9 TV Shows That Make You Laugh out Loud ...
9 TV Shows That Make You Laugh out Loud ...

The idea of this post of 8 TV shows that make you laugh out loud came about after I sat down and watched a hilarious show on TV the other night. Usually a stickler for not staying up late and watching too much TV, I ignored my bedtime and sat on the couch laughing my face off. It felt great. Watching TV isn’t the best way to spend your time, but if it is a little comedic therapy you are after, then checkout these TV shows that make you laugh out loud.

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Father Ted

This was the culprit that had me in stitches late one night last week. Father Ted is an Irish sitcom that was originally aired in 1995. It’s about three Irish priests who have been banished to a remote fictional island called ‘Craggy Island’ all for different reasons (money matters, womanising and an incident only described as ‘the Blackrock incident’). There is also Mrs. Doyle, the housekeeper, who always wants to serve tea. The four of them together make a ridiculously hilarious team and a seriously laugh out loud show with classic, honest humour that catches you off guard. This is one of my new favorite shows that make you laugh out loud!



The first time I saw girls was when I had the day off of work. Ashamedly I spent the entire day watching all 10 episodes of the series back to back. It is a dramedy following the lives of three girls who live in New York and make their way through life ‘one mistake at a time.’ It’s awkwardly real at points and cringe worth-ingly funny at other times. A refreshing take on what it's like to be in your twenties and trying to figure things out with a load of laughs weaved throughout.


Modern Family

Oh Phil Dunphy. Who doesn't love Phil Dunphy? Modern Family is an American comedy which is presented in a mockumentary style in which the characters talk directly to the camera at points throughout the show. Based around the lives of one neighborhood and their different spouses and children, it manages the balance between quirky family humor and sentimental cheese perfectly. A must see!


Little Britain

Little Britain is the kind of show that has you pulling out its catch phrases on a daily basis months after watching it. The show is a series of sketches that exaggeratedly and hilariously mimic all of the different social classes of Britain whilst being conveyed as a guide to Britain for non-British people.


Flight of the Concords

This witty show is about two New Zealanders who move to New York in search of stardom. The two main guys, Jemaine and Bret, perform songs throughout the show commenting on what is happening. You will not only laugh out loud during this show, but have a huge smile plastered to your face the entire time. It is intelligent, dry and witty as hell - checkout their song ‘Business Time’ here:


How I Met Your Mother

This funny American sitcom follows the romantic and social lives of a group of friends all living in New York. The group consists of five close friends, including a hopeless romantic on the search for true love, an insatiably cute couple, an womanizer with abandonment issues that only wears suits, and a Canadian news reporter with a love of scotch. It’s quirky, slightly eccentric humor never fails to make me laugh no matter how many episodes I watch.


The Inbetweeners

Often crude, with many expletives and sexual references, this British sitcom is not everyone’s cup of tea. Based around the lives of four high school ‘geeks’ the show covers common situations, such as the boys trying to fit in at school and their (many) failed attempts at having sex, among other issues. A far more realistic take on what it is like to be a teenager with many cringe worthy moments to go along with it.


New Girl

After quirky elementary teacher Jess finds out her boyfriend has been two timing her she moves into a house with three guys - Schmidt, Nick and Winston - who all have their funny eccentricities as well. Each episode is about the social and sometimes sexual lives of the flatmates. You’ll find it hard to not to pick a favorite flatmate (mine is Schmidt) and Jess, who is played by Zooey Deschanel, is a refreshingly different take on a female main character.



I could not have written this list of TV shows that will make you laugh out loud without including Seinfeld. When looking into the shows above a few of them quoted this critical favorite and cultural phenomenon of a show as a basis of their inspiration. Seinfeld follows the lives of the main character Jerry Seinfeld, and his three friends who live close by. All about the little day to day things in life like waiting in the line at the movies, lying about being too ill for work and then being caught out, or not being able to get a bad smell out of your car. If you haven’t seen it – watch it, and if you have I am sure you’ll be watching it again soon.

There’s nothing like cracking up on the couch to one of your favorite TV shows, falling in love with the characters and telling all your friends to watch it so you can talk about it with them. The list above has me entertained, are there any shows that you think should be on there also? What show makes you laugh the most?

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The Office and Friends!

And yeah raising hope is great too

You missed some raising hope, blackadder, Big Bang theory.

I was glad to see New Girl and HIMYM on this list! :)

The Big Bang should definitely be on here!

Big Bang theory 2 broken girls Friends Raising hope

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