9 Cartoons Made for Adults ...


9 Cartoons Made for Adults ...
9 Cartoons Made for Adults ...

Who would have thought that cartoons made for adults would have become such a big hit?! There have been so many of them and I see no sign of them stopping any time soon (not that I’m complaining)! Let’s take a look at some of cartoons made for adults.

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Family Guy

One of the best cartoons made for adults I’ve seen, "Family Guy" didn’t have much success at its start. After being cancelled and brought back, it found its footing and now has been on for eleven seasons. If you’re ever in need of a laugh, this is definitely a show that you should check out. Some people find it offensive, but they never claimed to be a people pleasing show!



I don’t know how to explain how much I love this show! I found it on Netflix and watched the first two seasons in no time flat. "Archer" will definitely make you laugh until you cry, or at least until your stomach hurts. Warning: you might develop a crush on the hilarious Archer. Yes, it is possible to feel lovey dovey over a cartoon.


The Simpsons

This seemingly never ending cartoon is also one of the most famous. Who hasn’t seen an episode of "The Simpsons"?! I don’t watch the show regularly, but I definitely have seen my fair share of episodes. This show has no signs of slowing down and who can blame the writers for not wanting it to end? "The Simpsons" has a huge fan base and as long as they keep cranking out hilarious episodes, I don’t see it ending anytime soon.


South Park

This may not be my favorite show on the list, but it’s definitely one of the more adult shows. While kids can get away with watching some of the shows here, "South Park" is one of the more vulgar (not that it stops kids from trying). This is one of those shows that loves taking digs at people and pop culture, but who can blame them!? I haven’t seen an episode for a few years, but "South Park" has a huge following that absolutely adores it.


American Dad

Poking fun at both super conservatives AND liberals, this show has me laughing from start to finish. "American Dad" is another show I didn’t start watching until after it had been on for a few seasons, but I loved it once I did. If you’re in for some side-splitting and sometimes odd TV viewing, then this is definitely a show for you.


Bob’s Burgers

I don’t know why I didn’t start watching this show when it started airing, but now that I’ve started watching I just can’t get enough! I find myself laughing from start to finish with every episode. The family featured in this show is one of the most awkward and hilarious families on TV right now, cartoon or actual people. I love suggesting this show to people, so if you’re reading this and have never watched then my message to you is: go watch!



This show has been cancelled and brought back more times than any other show that I’ve ever seen. While the first seasons of this show were absolutely hilarious and even included a love story that felt never ending, its quality definitely dropped as time went on. The current episodes may not be the best I’ve seen but they still make me laugh! If you’re going to watch it I suggest you watch the early ones.


The Cleveland Show

A spin-off of "Family Guy," "The Cleveland Show" doesn’t match the comedy that you find in its successor. If given the option I’d watch "Family Guy," but that hasn’t stopped me from watching almost every episode. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of differences between the two shows, maybe just not enough. My favorite part of this show is the awkward teenage boy and the hilarious little boy – two things I think can work in any show!


Home Movies

The only show on this list not on air anymore, "Home Movies" originally aired on UPN, but got picked up by Adult Swim and continued for the rest of its four seasons. "Home Movies" is a strange show that centers on a group of friends that makes cute little movies in a basement. One of the children has a strangely close relationship with his soccer coach. No matter how weird this show is, it’s filled with laughs and I couldn’t stop watching it!

These are some hilarious cartoons made for adults, but I know there are many more on the air. Which of these do you watch? Are there any that you watch that I missed?

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Bobs burgers!!

I don't know if it counts, but robot chicken is one of our favorites!

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The Boondocks! That show is hilarious!

the boondocks is a funny show.

Boondocks is funnier and more real than half of these shows.

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