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As an avid television viewer, I’ve come across plenty of shows to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’ve suffered through a long day of school or need a break from true crime shows, lighthearted comedies are an instant mood-lifter. Here are seven side-splitting shows to tickle your funny bone.

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Modern Family

I never would have thought when this show premiered that it would become the mega-hit that it is today. The hilarious series is chock full of relatable characters and comical storylines, filmed in a mockumentary style. This is definitely a show to sit and watch with your family for a good laugh, which is why it tops my list of shows to tickle your funny bone!


New Girl

In "New Girl," Zooey Deschanel plays Jess, a geek-chic and totally adorkable young woman with three male roommates. While Deshchanel’s quirky and awkward antics may not be everybody’s cup of tea, the guys will win you over in a flash. I love how the series throws together characters with different personalities to keep each episode fresh and funny. Jess’ extensive wardrobe doesn’t hurt, either.


The Big Bang Theory

The show follows a group of brainy guys and their aspiring actress neighbor as they awkwardly deal with various social situations. As it turns out, just because you’re an aerospace engineer or physicist doesn’t mean you’re good with the ladies, making for some extremely humorous situations. I mean, who wouldn’t love the show that helped make nerds cool?



"Soap" instantly became one of my favorite ways to procrastinate after I learned about it in a college class. Though the show ended for good with a nail-biting cliffhanger, its parodies of ‘70s-style soap operas are priceless. With all four seasons available on Netflix, this is definitely one series I’d suggest taking the time out to watch.


Arrested Development

You’d never know that "Arrested Development" was deemed by critics as one of the best comedies of the all-time, since the series was cancelled twice. Nonetheless, it is a hilarious show that’s filled with touching moments usually brought to a screeching halt by an awkward but entertaining moment. Luckily for the fans out there, a new season will live stream on Netflix in early 2013 – and I’ll be watching!


How I Met Your Mother

If you liked "Friends," there’s a good chance you’ll find "How I Met Your Mother" just as laugh-inducing. Both shows center on a group of pals who frequent the same hangouts, but "How I Met Your Mother" is distinct enough to hold your attention. "How I Met Your Mother" is definitely one of those shows that will give you a hearty laugh when you’ve had a rough day.



Filled with truly funny ‘80s and ‘90s references, "Psych" is a crime show complete with silly antics that are sure to elicit a laugh. Having trouble picturing a funny detective show? Picture "The Mentalist" with a healthy dose of goof... the show is based on the fact that one of the detectives is so observant, so good at picking up clues everyone else misses, that he has to pretend to be a psychic so he's not accused of committing the crimes he's solving.

These are seven shows that never fail to tickle my funny bone. Which ones do you plan on checking out? What are some of your personal favorites? Do tell!

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I love psych!

i love watching TBBT.....its really hilarious ;) at 1st i tot my bro jz download me a crap comedy...but hey...i turn it on avery now n then...even jz to smile before goin to bed :)

These are all my fave shows

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