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8 Cool MTV Shows That I Love ...

By Heather

Even before there were shows like Catfish and Teen Mom, there were tons of different cool MTV shows that I absolutely loved. This list of cool MTV shows that I love encompasses the past, the present and everything in between! So, whether you miss the old MTV shows or you are looking forward to the new ones, take a look at all of the MTV shows that I totally love

1 Catfish

I am in love with this show! It's by far one of the cool MTV shows that actually has meaning behind it. Basically, if you haven't seen the show, Nev, the guy that actually did the Catfish documentary, goes all over the country, making a series off of people who are in love, but they've never met their partners because they are online. It's addicting!

2 Jersey Shore

Who doesn't love Jersey Shore? Well, okay, lots of people, but I do love it! It's totally mind candy, totally mindless and one of the best shows! Still, I watch the reruns over and over again! It was a staple, every Thursday night when it was brand new, but now that it's made its mark, it's over – and truthfully, I'm glad. It ended on a high note!

3 True Life

Oh man, True Life has been around FOREVER and it's still one of the best shows out there! Currently, I am recording every single rerun and first run that comes on and it's the best! True Life really shows you the inside look at people's problems, whether it is with their girlfriends or drugs. It's so different than any other show out there!

4 Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2

Now, I was addicted to 16 and Pregnant when it was on, so naturally, I got addicted to Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. I love them both! I actually get emotionally involved with the girls – who doesn't think that Leah is crazy for getting pregnant and married at 20? Nuts, right? You get addicted easily!


Ah, the good old days, when Carson Daly ruled MTV and they played actual music. TRL was one of the best shows ever! When I was a teen, I used to record TRL when my favorite bands were on and I recorded video after video. This was all before YouTube, guys, so I made my own YouTube!

6 Beavis and Butt-Head

If you were a '90s kid, you know that Beavis and Butt-Head was a staple at your house. This duo was amazing. No, seriously, amazing. This was the first taste of an adult cartoon and I loved it! I loved that they made fun of music and that a lot of the shows I watch now came from this particular show.

7 Daria

I wish they'd bring back Daria. I loved everything about her! The character was amazing, her friends were so cool and the entire show was just awesome! If you want a cartoon that is dramatic without being too dramatic and that makes fun of every stereotype in the world, this is it!

8 The Real World

Finally, The Real World is the last cool MTV show that I watched over and over again. Now, I'm not talking about The Real World that's on now, I'm talking about the original The Real World. The very first couple seasons, when it was addicting and so good!

So, while MTV has changed over the years, there is no way they can take these cool MTV shows away from us! What are some of your favorite MTV shows, past or present?

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