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7 Shows That I Could Watch over and over Again ...

By Lydia

There are not many shows that I could watch over and over again, but there are the select few. Some people might think it’s crazy to watch episodes or a full series over again, but once you find a show you love, you just can’t help yourself. Here’s a look into some obsessions of mine by looking at seven shows that I could watch over and over again.

1 Charmed

No kidding around, I’ve seen every episode of “Charmed” at least four times. This is my absolute favorite out of all of the shows that I could watch over and over again. You would think that knowing all of the plot lines, twists, and being able to recite lines from episodes would make people want to stop watching it, but apparently it doesn’t stop a lot of fans. This is one of those shows that can make you laugh or cry, so why not watch it a ridiculous amount of times?!

2 Friends

This is a show that I can only say I’ve seen every episode at least twice, but I do frequently put it on when I can’t find anything else to watch. The last episode is one I avoid watching too frequently because it makes me cry every time. Don’t laugh at me, it’s a very emotional episode. It may not be the best show to ever grace the airwaves, but it hits the spot when you’re looking for something funny or to put a smile on your face.

3 Scrubs

I haven’t kept track of how many times I’ve seen these episodes, but I know I can watch this show whenever it’s on. Why not watch a really hilarious show with awesome characters that’s almost guaranteed to make you laugh – except for the last season that is. “Scrubs” is another one of those shows that I just can leave on when there’s nothing else to watch or when I just want background noise. Every character on that show is just so awesome, you want to watch them.

4 Sienfeld

Like “Friends,” I’ve probably only seen every episode of “Sienfeld” at least twice, but there are certain episodes I’ve seen countless times. For example, the episode where they can’t find their car in the parking lot, I’ve probably watched that like five or six times. It’s a great show that almost everyone can enjoy! It’s one of the most iconic TV shows that has ever been on! Why not watch it constantly?!

5 Dr. Who

This specifically is talking about the new “Doctor Who” series, because the originals are so hard to get a hold of! I haven’t seen every episode countless times or anything like that, but I have watched them multiple times and will probably watch them again. This is one of those shows that I’ve showed to a bunch of my friends and so I have to watch it with them because, well, there is no other reason than I want to!

6 I Love Lucy

This isn’t one that I’ve seen every episode of more than once, but I certainly wouldn’t mind! This is a show that I’ve seen certain episodes more times than I can remember. “I Love Lucy” is a show that my family has enjoyed and still enjoys watching, so a lot of times when it’s on we want to see our favorite episodes or some of the really famous episodes. Now I want to watch some “I Love Lucy.”

7 Family Guy

I fall asleep to “Family Guy” every night. I’m not kidding, I either play it on my phone or on TV before I fall asleep. Other than that, sometimes I just sit and have mini “Family Guy” marathons just for fun or because nothing else was on and I was bored. Some of the episodes I can’t watch again because I didn’t like them the first time around, but that’s pretty rare. I usually watch it at least once a day.

Some may call me crazy, but when you love TV or a TV show, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen an episode. What are some shows that you could watch over and over again? What do you think of my list?

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