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7 Plays That Should Be Brought Back to Broadway ...

By Cassandra

Regardless of successful runs or less-than-stellar performances, there are certain plays that should be brought back to Broadway. Broadway theatre has been a part of New York's culture since the mid-1700's. Attracting tourists from around the world, the Broadway theatre district is always bustling with life. This list of plays that should be brought back to Broadway explores plays and musicals that were too recherche to remain in the dark.

1 The Little Mermaid

After reading the statistics, I know that a few people may find themselves sighing at the mention of this musical. However, I firmly believe that this musical had a lot more to offer to the diverse audiences that came to see it. As a sworn Disney-lover and professed mermaid incarnate, I was extremely sad to see this show go. With a revamp, I am positive that this play could achieve the heights of success that its 'sister-play' The Lion King did.

2 Doubt

This next critically-acclaimed play ended its run on Broadway in 2006. The media was immediately drawn to Doubt because of the way it dealt with issues that were often seen as taboo. This led to a film-adaptation starring Meryl Streep; a few television shows also based some of their episode plot-lines on this play (i.e. Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit).

3 Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is one of the most popular musicals amongst Broadway fans and school productions. The story of the meek character Seymour Krelborn is something most of us can relate to; he's a hardworking man who tries to get by living in a horrible neighborhood through any means necessary. Despite owning a copy of the film-version of the musical, I would love to see Little Shop of Horrors back on Broadway.

4 Chicago

Known for being Broadway's longest-running musical to be revived, Chicago will remain as one of my favorite plays. While this play is currently being performed at the Hollywood Bowl, I feel that it deserves to be on this list. With showstopping tunes and impressive choreography, New York should not be deprived of this awe-inducing musical!

5 Gypsy: a Musical Fable

Gypsy centers around the memoirs of Rose Lee, more commonly known by her burlesque stage name 'Gypsy Rose Lee'. It is based on the story of a stage mother who pushes her children against their wishes to perform in a vaudeville act. As I have only been able to see school productions of Gypsy, I think that it would be great to bring this musical back to Broadway for more audiences to enjoy.

6 Proof

With a seemingly simple plot that is actually riddled with complex thoughts and turns, it would be false to simply label David Auburn's Proof as a mathematical mystery. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this play is more of a character study due its incorporation of characters dealing with different conditions. I wonder if it's obvious how much of a nerd I am for complex writing.

7 Aida

Produced by singer Sir Elton John, Aida was first performed in 2000. Based on a children's storybook, this Egyptian love story is sure to appeal to the hearts of Broadway fans everywhere as it deals with reincarnation and female empowerment! Once you listen to the soundtrack, you are sure to fall in love!

Whether you are a mathematician or artist, at least one of these plays that should be brought back to Broadway will appeal to you. Broadway theatre plays a large part in the entertainment industry because of the immediacy that its stories bring to audiences worldwide. What are some plays that you would like to see back on Broadway?

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