13 Shows Cancelled before Their Time ...


13 Shows Cancelled before Their Time ...
13 Shows Cancelled before Their Time ...

It’s a sad but true fact that there have been many shows cancelled before their time. It’s a hazard that comes with watching TV – shows you love will get cancelled. Once you accept that and brace yourself for the possibility that you will be left with more questions than answers, it becomes a lot easier to watch new shows and hope for the best; that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt just as much though. Here are 13 shows cancelled before their time... let’s see how many of them you recognize!

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Perfect Couples

Don’t let the name fool you, the couples in this show were far from perfect most of the time, but that didn’t stop it from being extremely entertaining. When you think of shows cancelled before their time, you probably think of shows with a big cult following. Sadly, “Perfect Couples” didn’t even have that. I thought that this show was one of the funniest editions to NBC’s lineup, but apparently I was one of the few because this sidesplitting show didn’t even last a season.



A spin-off of the cult classic, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” you would think that “Angel” would have lasted longer. You, like a lot of other people, would have been wrong. Five seasons of the dreamy vampire with a soul was just not enough! I’d have to say the worst part about this show being cancelled wasn’t that I wouldn’t get to see David Boreanaz play a brooding yet charming Angel or even bleach blond reformed evil Spike returning from the dead, but that it ended on a cliff hanger! What could be worse?!


Veronica Mars

If I listed the TV characters I wish I was like, Veronica Mars would definitely be there. I found myself thinking about how much I’d want her quick wit or being an awesome detective while still in high school the whole time I watched the show. Compared to most of the shows on this list, “Veronica Mars” had some closure. It also left us with a lot of questions – the main one being whether or not she and Logan ended up together. The writers of the show tried to make a movie to wrap it up for the fans but Warner Brothers just wouldn’t let them (thanks a lot!). Thank goodness for Kickstarter!



After the success of its predecessor, “Battlestar Galactica,” the writers decided to come up with a prequel. Unfortunately, “Caprica” didn’t find the same success. I found the prequel to be easier to follow than “Battlestar” because it moved so much quicker. That opinion could get me into a lot of trouble if spoken to diehard fans of “Battlestar,” but I stand my ground by saying that given the chance, “Caprica” could easily have been as big of a hit.


The Event

What I’m about to say could anger a lot of fans and don’t get me wrong, I like this show, but I see why it got cancelled. I gave up halfway through the pilot episode when I first tried to watch it, but being a TV lover I couldn’t move on until I had given it a fair chance. “The Event” can be hard to follow, but if you sit through it, it’s completely worth it! This is one show filled with action and mystery that definitely deserved some closure when it came to an end. Instead two years later,
after only being on air for a month, fans are still left yearning for answers.



This is the only show on my list that actually has an ending that will answer all of your questions. “Firefly” was taken off the air after just 14 episodes followed by a movie, “Serenity,” released to answer fans questions and give them a proper ending. That being said, I would have traded the movie (though don’t get me wrong, it was a good one) for more seasons of what I like to call a sci-fi Western show set in the future. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?



This is one of the only shows on my list that completely shocked me by getting cancelled. I didn’t even think I’d like “Alcatraz,” but as usual, J.J. Abrams drew me in with every episode because they were so brilliantly done and filled with mystery. There are some shows that need to be given a proper ending or else the viewer will be left asking questions for years to come – this, my friends, is one of them.


My so-Called Life

I remember when this was the IT show for teens and we all swooned over Jordan Catalano and commiserated with Angela Chase in all of her grungy, teen angst glory. The storylines and characters on this show were memorable, witty and quite clever, which had many of us wanting more and more!


Freaks and Geeks

“Freaks and Geeks” is another show about high school life, but who doesn’t like to watch an entertaining take on the trials and tribulations of our formative years in the 1980s?! Although this short-lived show was axed before its time, at least it made huge stars out of its cast so we can enjoy their talent in other projects.


Twin Peaks

When this show first debuted, it was the first of its kind. A little dark, dramatic with a dose of weird. Although the focus of the show was based on an investigation of the murder of a young woman, you couldn’t help but get caught up in all the wonderfully odd characters that were featured in each episode.


Flight of the Conchords

Sadly, I didn’t get into this show until after it ended. This show featured a comedy duo from New Zealand who were living in New York searching for stardom. The comedy is clever and the music was just amazing – anyone remember the Korean karaoke song?! Although this show ended after only two seasons, their comedy lives on as they tour the country with Dave Chappelle!



“Undeclared” is another gem from Judd Apatow which focused on the ups and downs of college life through the eyes of Steven Karp. When the show started airing, it was actually shown out of order. But, if you catch the series on DVD, you can see the show and characters develop the way Apatow intended. It’s certainly worth watching whether you just need a good laugh or you just want to relive the good ol’ days!


Samantha Who?

This show aired for two seasons before it was cancelled, but many will agree that it ended before its time! Christina Applegate played Samantha, a woman who develops amnesia after a car accident and realizes that she wasn’t the nicest person pre-amnesia. The show follows her as she makes amends with her friends, family and even her ex!

This list doesn’t even cover a fraction of the TV shows cancelled before their time! Which shows do you think got the axe too soon? Are there any from this list that you think deserved its premature ending?

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The Fades! Incredible show cancelled after 6 episodes, had so much promise but BBC would rather pay for sitcoms :( Please watch it if you haven't! It's only 6 episodes and you'll thank me!

ABC stopped showing V the story of space aliens with no forewarning what so ever I really enjoyed it Think i will stop watching TV completly. I also enjoyed Alcatraz !!

Las Vegas ended without an ending. It deserved a proper send off.

Body pof Proof can't be taken off one of the best shows on .


The oc!

Terror Nova , KyleX, Break Out Kings, Breaking Bad,

Add “I Feel Bad” to the list.

Life Unexpected was great!

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