7 Great How I Met Your Mother Concepts ...


7 Great How I Met Your Mother Concepts ...
7 Great How I Met Your Mother Concepts ...

There are plenty of great “How I Met Your Mother” concepts. Every so often, the writers come up with ideas that connect with their fans. Sometimes the concepts are funny and sometimes they’re lessons or names for things that we go through. If I named all of them, this list could go on for a while, but let’s take a look at seven “How I Met Your Mother” concepts.

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The Olive Theory

This is my favorite “How I Met Your Mother” concept hands down. It’s a really sweet idea. The Olive Theory is based on Lily and Marshall’s relationship. The theory is that if one person likes olives and the other person in the relationship doesn’t, then they have perfect balance and are meant to be together. This might sound a little weird, but I think it really makes sense and that the olives are just a metaphor for opposites attract. I love this concept!


The Front Porch Test

The Front Porch Test is a test in which Lily tries to picture how a relationship would be in the future. The people who pass The Front Porch Test are people who Lily believes would fit in with them when they grow old. The scene in which this is explained shows Marshall, Lily, and Ted playing bridge. Lily hopes that whoever passes this test will fill the extra spot on the porch. I think this is so cute because they just want to know that their friend’s future spouse will fits in with them. I hope my friends are this considerate!


The Pit Person

The Pit Person concept is a really interesting one. Basically what it says is that everybody has a person that drives them so crazy that they would throw them in a pit, like in “Silence of the Lambs.” What it comes down to is that you become so obsessed with someone that you end up losing your mind. In the episode, Ted is obsessed with a professor who once told him that he would never be an architect. I didn’t think that I had a pit person, but after thinking about it I realized I do. I think everyone does.


Being on the Hook

Being on the hook is exactly what it sounds like. This concept is used to describe when people are being strung along by somebody else. In the episode, Ted is on the hook of a girl named Tiffany that will never be with him, but makes up excuses to keep him thinking that he has a chance. The whole gang realizes that they have all been in situations like this, whether they’re the one on the hook or have someone on the hook. This may not be something that everyone can relate to, but it’s still interesting to think about.


The Mermaid Effect

The Mermaid Effect is when a man is friends with a woman long enough he begins to find her attractive. This idea stems from sailors who would go so long without women that they would start to see manatees as mermaids. It’s a really weird concept, but it’s probably true. Apparently it is different for every man and woman in the situation, but no matter what, there comes a time in a friendship where the man becomes attracted to the female. This one doesn’t really surprise me, but it’s still fun.


Woo Girl

A Woo Girl is a single girl that likes to go out to party and frequently yells “wooooo.” In the episode, Robin becomes a woo girl so that she can finally start to hang out with other unmarried women since her best friend is married. The woo girls annoy me and I wouldn’t be able to hang out with them. They like to go out and have a good time, which is fine, but the spontaneous “wooing” would probably drive me insane.


The Hot/Crazy Scale

This scale was created by Barney to explain how a girl is allowed to be crazy as long as she is equally hot. The ideal woman is hotter than she is crazy, but it is possible for a girl to “play jump rope” with the line where she gets crazier and then finds a way to get hotter. This is a completely shallow topic, but what else could we expect from Barney?! As ridiculous as it seems, it’s also really funny.

There are a million “How I Met Your Mother” concepts like this, I’m sure I missed a few great ones. Hopefully the writers keep coming up with more great ones for us to enjoy! Which one of these is your favorite? Can you think of any I missed?

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Dobler-Dahmer theory

oh and graduation goggles when your about to quit a job or end a relationship or something all the bad things about it you suddenly like

the cheerleader effect

one more thing i expected to find on this list is how everyone has 'that one person' who you'll always think would be your perfect match if only you got a chance to try. lets face it, we all have that someone ;-)

What about the episode where Ted dates a girl and no one will tell him why they don't like her because it will "shatter" his perception of her

Haha I smiled and nodded my head to all of these. I love them. Good picks :)

barneys theory that theres always a profession where the girls that work there are attractive eg mens main profession is a hunter so the hottest profession is a gatherer and so on

My hubby are I are great examples of the "Olive Theory" and it's a favorite of mine too! I love olives, hubby doesn't :-)


Graduation eyes and cheerleader effect

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