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8 Best Bond Villains ...

By Alison

The best Bond villains tend to be megalomaniacal, slightly lacking in the sanity department, and rather over the top. 2012 marks 50 years of Bond movies, and there have been some truly memorable villains over these decades. In fact, without the baddies, there wouldn’t be any Bond. So to celebrate this anniversary, here are the best Bond villains of the last 50 years …

1 Jaws

My absolute favourite of all the best Bond villains has to be Jaws. Remember that rather sweet scene in Moonraker when he fell in love? Jaws was seriously scary and yet somehow loveable at the same time. And wouldn’t you love to have your photo taken next to someone so tall?

2 Oddjob

Oddjob was the henchman of Goldfinger (what would a Bond film be without a megalomaniac). His favourite method of killing is by using his bowler hat, which has a deadly metal lining (you need a good aim for that sort of thing), but he is also responsible for the famous death-by-gold-paint murder.


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3 Rosa Klebb

The best thing about Rosa Klebb was that she was a fabulous villainess, and bucked the trend of female Bond villains being beautiful and falling in love with Bond. Every woman should have a pair of Rosa’s deadly shoes in her wardrobe – just think how useful they could be for self-defence!

4 Max Zorin

You just can’t go wrong by casting Christopher Walken as a bad guy. There’s just something so scary about him! Walken is a very good actor, and made the perfect villain. Zorin is a total psychopath – could anyone else really have played him as well as Walken did?

5 Blofeld

Blofeld, the head of criminal organisation SPECTRE, is perhaps best known for his fluffy white cat (henchmen don’t have to be human!). However, Blofeld was the most persistent of Bond villains, appearing in several films. He is clearly the model for Dr Evil in the Austin Powers films.

6 Hugo Drax

Like most Bond villains, Drax is a billionaire with endless resources. His aim is to destroy humanity and repopulate the Earth with his carefully chosen master race (Bond villains don’t think small). He’s also a former Nazi (the Nazis were frequently used as bad guys in movies of the era).

7 Scaramanga

Another almost essential requirement for a Bond villain is that they have impressive headquarters. Assassin Scaramanga has his very own island! Christopher Lee is another actor that you just can’t go wrong in casting, and played the killer, with his titular golden gun, perfectly.

8 Dr No

Finally, we have another megalomaniac – this time a mad scientist. Dr No was the villain in the very first Bond movie; another member of SPECTRE, and like Scaramanga, the possessor of his very own island. He dies a rather gruesome death when he gets boiled to death in the cooling system of a nuclear reactor. Villainy doesn’t always pay!

To qualify as a Bond baddie, you need to be ruthless, want to take over the world (or work for someone who does), and spend too much time talking about how you’re going to kill Bond, (rather than actually getting on with the job). The villains are often very enjoyable characters. Which do you prefer – the cartoonish baddies of the earlier films, or the more serious and realistic ones of recent years?

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