7 Fall TV Shows That Didn't do as Well as Expected ...


7 Fall TV Shows That Didn't do as Well as Expected ...
7 Fall TV Shows That Didn't do as Well as Expected ...

It's always tough when fall TV shows don’t get renewed. What I hate the most is when I actually become a fan of the show, but critics don’t. Isn’t that just the worst? This year, there were several fall TV shows that didn’t do as well as they were expected to. Take a look at the list and then let me know if you agree!

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Welcome to the Family

Was I the only one who thought this show was actually pretty funny? Although the storyline was somewhat predictable, it still worked for me! NBC canceled the show after only three episodes. During its three-week run, the show only averaged 2.7 million viewers. Maybe things would’ve gotten better with time, but now we’ll never know! For this, “Welcome To The Family” is number one on the list of fall TV shows that didn’t do as well as expected.


Once upon a Time in Wonderland

I’m totally in love with the cast of this show. Sophie Lowe and Peter Gadiot play the perfect Alice and Cyrus! However, as great as I think this show is, the ratings say otherwise. The series started out with 5.82 million viewers, and the ratings have steadily dropped week by week. The series hasn’t been canceled so I do hope they step up their game a bit to avoid cancellation. Do you think this show can be as successful as "Once Upon a Time"?


We Are Men

After just two episodes, CBS canceled the freshman sitcom, “We Are Men.” It starred Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell, Kal Penn, and Chris Smith (all great actors!). I don’t know why this show failed to gain traction with viewers. I thought the first two episodes were really funny! Either way, I’m excited to see what other projects these actors take on. What do you think of the preview?


Lucky 7

Just after two episodes, ABC canceled the show. I was actually really into the storyline of it, so I was totally bummed when it got canceled. The show failed to create buzz with the viewers and pretty much just flopped. However, I don’t think two episodes is enough time to even be able to gain a following. Slow down with the cancellations, ABC! Give them some time to win us over!



Okay TV Gods, why was this canceled?! I’m a sucker for these “let’s solve crime” shows so I was hooked on this! After only three episodes, NBC said goodbye to the new series. I’m sad it didn’t get the attention it deserves because it truly was a good show! I was excited to see Blair Underwood and Spencer Grammer on TV together. Hopefully their next project will do better.


Back in the Game

ABC canceled the series in early November. However, it will still air the remainder of its original 13-episode order. This is another show I think was canceled before its time. This show has definitely made me laugh and I actually really liked it! Canceling the show before the season is even over isn’t fair! Sigh.


Sean Saves the World

This is actually one of my favorite shows right now! Sean Hayes is wonderful in this NBC sitcom. The show, for now, is still safe. The network hasn’t pulled the plug on it but there are rumors that the show won’t have a long run. The NBC star even blamed the network for the show's rough start. Ouch. I hope that it gets renewed for many seasons to come because, to me, it’s one of the funniest sitcoms on air right now.

That sums up the list of fall TV shows that didn’t do as well as expected. I actually became a fan of most of these shows so it’s always hard to see the network drop them. Which show do you think should’ve stayed on air?

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I love Back In The Game as a softball player and baseball fan. That show reminded me of my time playing on a underdog team with my parent as my coach. I'm sad to see it cancelled so fast :(

OUAT in Wonderland is a fabulous show! Not as good as OUAT of course, but how can you not totally love the characters? Jafar is quite the handsome villain!

once upon a time is still one of my favourite shows but sadly wonderland is a bit pants. Didn't find it as easy to get into or enjoy. Was pleasantly surprised to see Michael Socha though. i gave up on the series a few episodes in. Once upon a time original all the way.

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