7 of My Favorite Doctors from "Doctor Who" ...

As we get closer to the premiere of the 50th Anniversary special, I can't help but reminisce on my favorite doctors from "Doctor Who". Whether they are offbeat or serious, each Doctor brings something incredibly distinct and special to the role. With the newly casted Twelfth Doctor set to appear in the near future, I can't help but be intrigued by how well the character growth will be depicted through the very essence of the next series and what level of expertise he will bring to the show. That being said, here are some of my favorite doctors from "Doctor Who" in no particular order; if you are not up to date, you should proceed with caution in the event of minor spoilers!

1. Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor)

Because of the fact that Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor is actually the first Doctor that I was introduced to, I feel that he more than deserves to be on this list featuring my favorite doctors from Doctor Who. As the original Doctor in the reinstated series, Eccleston aided in shaping the role for the prospective doctors. At the risk of going against popular opinion, I believe that without Nine's satirical and sometimes dry personality, the other doctors that we all know and love today (i.e. Ten and Eleven) would be much different.

2. William Hartnell

How could I not include the Doctor that started it all? Classic "Doctor Who" paved the way for the doctors to come. As the First Doctor, William Hartnell brought a certain level of sophistication and wit to the role. I really loved the interaction between the Doctor and his granddaughter, Susan Foreman. If not for this incarnation, there would be no “Doctor Who”!

3. David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)

Many fans view David Tennant's Tenth Doctor as the most popular face of the "Doctor Who" reboot. Watching him manage to deliver clever lines despite being in the heat of action certainly makes it hard to disagree with this viewpoint. Managing to be both sassy and charming at the same time, David Tennant's Doctor was linked to some of the strongest companions in the history of the series. I will forever be stunned by his amazing acting ability; watching his rejuvenation was very difficult but I am glad that I was able to keep an open-mind as his successor has become one of my favorite Doctors of all time.

4. Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)

Serving as the fourth incarnation of this beloved character, Tom Baker's portrayal of the Doctor has been said to be one of the best from the classic “Doctor Who” era. He enjoyed a successful run which lasted for seven seasons, thus earning the recognition of being the longest running Doctor. Despite his generous nature, he was never afraid to show his anger, making his character all the more realistic. Am I the only one that is obsessed with his iconic multi-colored scarf?

5. Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor)

The Eleventh Doctor is my absolute favorite doctor of all time. Comical yet genuine in nature, I love what Matt Smith brings to his character. His portrayal is deeply infused with quirky characteristics that makes the beloved Doctor seem more relatable. He depicts the Doctor in an incredibly compassionate light, a trait that many fans find enduring and commendable as this character's back story is filled with nothing but misery and tragedy. I will certainly miss Matt Smith when he ends his run within the upcoming months.

6. Patrick Troughton (2nd Doctor)

Seeing how Patrick Troughton was able to pick up where the First Doctor left off more than validates his role as the iconic Doctor. He has been said to have been the one to initially introduce a more humorous side to the character; I credit him whenever I catch myself saying “Oh my word”! This fact makes me sad as it is very hard to find any remaining episodes featuring his depiction.

7. Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor)

The ever dapper Jon Pertwee's portrayal of the Third Doctor closes this list. He most certainly shaped the role for the next Doctor cast with his adventerous nature. Sarah Jane Smith was one of the greatest companions to ever grace the show, evident in the fact that she served as the longest running companion.

When comparing my list with those of my friends, I find that the rankings of these brilliant Doctors tend to vary. The greatest aspect of the "Doctor Who" universe is that every actor is able to bring his own essence and personality to the overall character. Which incarnations are your top Doctor portrayals? Were you excited by the announcement of the new Doctor?