Top 8 Batman Villains ...


Top 8 Batman Villains ...
Top 8 Batman Villains ...

A hero is only as good as his rogue gallery, and no super hero has a more accomplished lineup than Gotham’s guardian. Batman has battled everything from maniacal madmen to brutish bruisers to femme fatales, and what is the one thing they all have in common? They always lose. But, who do we have the most fun watching as they lost? These guys.

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Killer Croc

Croc’s real name is Waylon Jones, and the reason he’s called Croc is because of a skin condition he has making his skin scaly, hard, and green like a crocodile. Croc is strongest of Batman’s opponents just behind Bane, but his battles always seem to be epic more epic. With Croc the case is definitely brawn and not brains.


Mr. Freeze

Dr. Victor Fries was a scientist trying to find a way to cure his beloved wife, Nora, of a terminal disease when he suffered an industrial accident forcing him to wear a cryogenic suit to keep his body temperature low. Losing his wife filled him with the desire fuelling him to instill the same level of misery that he constantly feels on the world around him



Two-Face started off as Bruce Wayne’s friend and Gotham’s District Attorney Harvey Dent, until he was scarred with acid, or fire depending on the version, bringing to the front the more masochistic parts of his personality. He flips a double-sided coin that he got from his father in order to make decisions, usually regarding the life and death of his victims.


The Riddler

Edward E. Nigma. The King of Conundrums, the Prince of Puzzles, The Riddler! Batman is never at his best more so that when he’s deciphering one of the Riddler’s crazy schemes. Batman is a detective, and his powers of deductions are never put to a test quite like the times the Riddler decides to play one of his evil games.



Hush always puts together the most elaborate of plans, usually targeting Bruce Wayne since Tommy Elliot, also known as Hush, knows Batman’s true name. Tommy was a boyhood friend of Bruce who has become jealous in later years. His plans always involve nearly all of Batman’s rogue gallery and because Tommy knows his secret, he can attack Bruce from angles others villains only dream of.



She’s not a villain anymore, but that’s how she got her start, and she’s a definite fan favorite so I’m counting her. Selina Kyle is Batman’s one true love, and she feels the same way. The tension comes in because Bruce will never allow himself to go all the way and have a relationship like that in his life, but once in a while they strike up a fling, and those are the moments that fan boys dream of.


Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s also knows Batman’s true identity, but of out respect he keeps it secret. Ra’s is the head of an eco-terrorist group obsessed with bringing the Earth and society back to its roots by any means necessary. He has the access to Lazarus Pits, which have kept him alive for thousands of years. The place where Batman comes in is that he wants Batman to marry his daughter and become his heir, but Batman will never join a murderous group like his, let alone read it, and so the stale mate remains.


The Joker

No surprise here, right? I said a hero is only as good as his rogue gallery, and the Joker is the cherry on top of Batman’s. It was said best in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight as the Joker sums up their relationship for Batman. “This is what happens when a unstoppable force meets and immovable object.” That’s exactly right. The Joker is an unstoppable agent of chaos and Batman is the rock that stands between him and the people of Gotham. And that my friend…is how it should be.

If you are a huge Batman fan, then you must have a favorite villain for him to fight it out with. Who is your favorite villain to watch Batman battle?

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YES JOKER IS DA BEST VILLAIN!!!ps. I love batman soooo much OMG read all his comic books:)

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