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Medical TV series have always been popular in western culture. You will be surprised how many doctors and nurses today were inspired to take up their career because of the medical shows they saw on TV as kids and teenagers. Here is a list of most popular medical TV shows ever.

1. M*a*S*H

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A drama-cum-comedy based on the Korean war, this show sure had immense staying power. It was telecast from 1972 to 1983 and has been translated into dozens of languages worldwide. Over the course of the show, many characters changed, but the storyline remained as gripping as ever despite the drab colors and setting.

2. St. Elsewhere

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There is no denying that St. Elsewhere was one of the most popular medical TV series we have ever seen. More than anything else, it had a great star cast, from Denzel Washington and Mark Harmon to Howie Mendel and David Morse. It ran from 1982 to 1988 and stunned the audience with its phenomenal ending.

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This show started in 1994 and is still running. There is no denying that apart from the blood gushing realistic scenes and jerky camera shots, it was George Clooney who caught the public’s attention. He has left the show long ago, and the show did change after his departure, but the audience was already hooked.

4. House, MD

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House, MD has not been on air for a very long time, but that cannot take its place away as one of the most popular medical TV series at the time. Although the plotline of the series was a bit predictable, the engaging actors kept the audience coming back for more. Hugh Laurie truly shone in this series.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy is also one of those where you come for the actor and stay for the drama. Actor Patrick Dempsey was definitely one of the strongest pulls of the show, but the gripping tension and engaging plotline of the show managed to keep a loyal audience.

6. Scrubs

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Scrubs isn’t exactly a tense and gripping medical series. It is a sitcom that has a hospital as its background. However, it is very nicely done and Zach Braff plays a really charming character. The personalities and fantasies of the characters have main stage in this medical series rather than emergency room drama.

7. Chicago Hope

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Chicago Hope played from 1994 to 2000. It wasn’t so much about guts and blood as it was about the brain and the mind games. The show took off with a huge splash and sustained its audience until the very end. Mandy Patikin was indeed a star of the drama and Peter Berg went on to play a lead role in another medical series, Wonderland.

As you can see, this list of most popular medical TV series is a combination of the gripping and the comic as well as the dramatic. The actors and plot play an equally huge role on the success of the series as the hospital setting.

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