7 Best "Rags to Riches" Stories ...


7 Best "Rags to Riches" Stories ...
7 Best "Rags to Riches" Stories ...

Some of the best rags to riches stories might not have a very “credible” plot, I can definitely agree with that, but that should not prevent us from loving them. I personally love this type of movie because each and every one of them has a very inspirational message that’s either totally obvious or requires some “personal touch.” Well, these are my 7 best rags to riches stories and I hope you’ll find my “personal touch” interesting:

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Pretty Woman

Remember that scene when the high end boutique staff let’s our beloved “Pretty Woman” know she doesn’t look nice enough to be welcomed there? And then she changes her style just a bit and all doors start opening? Funny how such superficial things mean so much these days! But let’s just focus on the romantic part – the one that involves a rich classy businessman falling in love with a prostitute. Some would say the story is ridiculous but please, allow me to think that these stories are really possible as I simply can’t accept anything less.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Oh, how much I loved this one! It’s definitely one of best rags to riches stories that both grownups and kids can watch with the same interest. Charlie, a totally unspoiled and heartbreakingly poor boy ends up having everything he ever wanted and, yet, even at times such as those, he demands not to be forced to give up his family. This story ends happily, of course, with Charlie having the best of both worlds which is really the moment you can't stop yourself from going “Awwwww!”


Trading Places

What happens when a rich, snotty guy turns poor and a broke street hustler takes his place? Well, let me tell you this – it sure is funny but there are plenty of things we could learn if we would just read between the lines. This one has a “rags to riches and riches to rags” written all over it but it still teaches us that sometimes the destiny is not in our hands, although we must never let go of the steering wheel.


The Pursuit of Happyness

Some choices are really hard and, yet, some are even harder, so when life decides to show you its ugly side, the least you can do is try to fight back. If you’re looking for inspirational rather than conventionally best “rags to riches” stories to watch in these hard times, I’m definitely suggesting this one. Will Smith plays the role of a father who’s doing everything he can to provide for his son while trying to secure a future by thinking about his career as well.



It’s a Disney movie, I know, but let’s face it – it definitely fits the profile. Furthermore, I can’t think of another story that had more to do with actual rags and actual riches! We all know how badly mistreated Cinderella is and how even the simplest things her sisters would laugh at (like singing with the birds and making her OWN dress out of discarded rags) make her happy. Now, I honestly don’t think being so freaking nice would get you very far these days but hey, not even princes are what they used to be so you don’t have to play by the rules.


A Knight’s Tale

Being totally quiet and obedient might not get you far, but learning when it’s time to step up and show how big of a person you can be definitely will. This story is about a young servant named William who is brave, strong, noble and smart enough to become a knight but, oh, don’t think this title was just presented to him on a silver platter. Quite contrary – he really had to prove himself! And the most noble thing about it was this – William didn’t know this fate would come to find him… he just did what he thought was right.


The Blind Side

This one is relatively new so I don’t know if you would agree with my decision to place it in the category of some of the best from rags to riches stories. I’m, however, doing it because it really brought tears to my eyes and I hope at least some of you had a similar emotional reaction while watching it. A woman literally adopts a boy straight from the street and gives him much more than a bed and a warm meal - a home and a family to call his own. The truth is that you never know who “your missing piece of the puzzle” might be – it might be a complete stranger you are yet to meet or somebody you’ve known for a very long time. One thing is for sure – accept them with an open heart and they will change your life for good.

Well, this was my take on these popular and well known movies, so hope you didn’t find it boring. Can you think of a few titles that I’ve failed to mention and that are one of the best rags to riches stories you’ve seen? Share your thoughts!

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