7 Spectacular Alternatives to Classic Fairy Tales ...


7 Spectacular Alternatives to Classic Fairy Tales ...
7 Spectacular Alternatives to Classic Fairy Tales ...

Alternatives to classic fairy tales are fun to watch on many levels. Some of these films are a little campy, making fun of the damsel in distress aspect, while others emphasizes all the morals and truths we love most about classic fairy tale stories. Within this list, some of these classic fairy tale alternatives are literal retellings, while others present a more modern take on some of the most popular stories. Take a look at these spectacular fairy tale movies to see what you think – and don't forget to share your favorites as well!

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Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood got seriously mixed reviews and most critics didn't like it at all, but as far as alternatives to classic fairy tales go, it's one of my favorites. It's a more literal retelling, except there's a really interesting spin on it. The cinematography on this film is absolutely breathtaking, and I'll honestly watch Amanda Seyfried in anything. Watch it with an open mind, and I think you'll be surprised. If not, just enjoy the eye candy where the cast is concerned, and the exquisite camera work!



Tangled is one of the best fairy tale movies I've ever seen because, for once, the heroine isn't a total wash! She doesn't depend on a guy, and in fact gives him the business with a frying pan – several times. Sure, there's a happy ending, but all throughout the film, this version of Rapunzel takes care of herself. She's not waiting for some knight in shining armor or Prince Charming to come climb up her hair and rescue her. Nope, she's got it covered, y'all, and you just don't see that in films nearly enough.


Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is more than just a classic movie. It's also a very … innovative retelling of Cinderella. There are no evil step-sisters to speak of, but Vivian Ward is definitely a modern day version of the little cinder girl. Edward as Prince Charming leaves something to be desired at times, although you can tell he's got a heart of gold, and he certainly redeems at the end. As you'll see, Cinderella is probably one of the most popular fairy tales and the story inspires a lot of interpretations, but this is definitely one of the most well loved.



I only recently realized that this cheesy '80s favorite is also one of the biggest alternatives to classic fairy tales. In fact, it's a fun interpretation of “The Little Mermaid,” and I never even knew it! Of course, it's much happier than both Hans Christian Andersen's story and even The Little Mermaid, since no one has to feel like they're walking on knives and sea witches are notably absent.



Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite stories and there aren't nearly enough fairy tale alternatives about it. This one – well, people are kind of torn about it. Fans of Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens largely loved it, and I personally think that a lot of the cinematography and the makeup were beautiful. According to the movie's Wikipedia page, screenwriter and director Daniel Barnz was inspired by the classic rom-com Say Anything, which is pretty awesome. Critically, the movie was kind of a dud, but it hit big when it came out, so it's really an individual decision. However you feel, you ought to check out the novel of the same name, written by Alex Flinn.


Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

I just had to include this movie, because it's original in a number of ways – like the fact that it's inspired by Hansel and Gretel. Shelley Winters stars as Mrs. Forrest, the ultimately evil old lady who seems so sweet at first. Things take a morbid turn, because in addition to abducting two orphans, Auntie Roo also keeps the remains of her dead daughter, now mummified, in her house. This is a great movie on its own, especially if you're a fan of films like Hush... Hush Sweet Charlotte and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?.


Ever after

I had to include one more Cinderella retelling, because this is one of the prettiest, sweetest fairy tale movie I've ever seen. This time, you do have evil step-sisters, as well as an evil step-mother, played to perfection by Anjelica Huston. Drew Barrymore is Danielle, the interpretation of Cinderella, while Dougray Scott plays the Prince. This time, you even get to enjoy some drama and intrigue from Leonardo da Vinci, which I think is way cooler than a lot of cleaning woodland creatures and talking mice.

Alternatives to classic fairy tales make fantastic movies – most of the time, anyway. Even when the films themselves aren't that great, it's always cool to see a retelling of your favorite fairy stories. Disney is famous for its interpretations, but as you can see, there are lots of really interesting live action movies as well. For instance, I can't wait to see the two new Snow White movies – which, I promise, aren't on here only because I can't vouch for them yet! What are your favorite fairy tale movies?

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red ridding hood, beastly and everafter were all FANTASTIC movies!

I love Ever After

The first time I watched Ever After I was like 10 and I've watched it dozens of times since! It's so sweet!!! :)

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