7 Corny Lifetime Christmas Movies That Are Actually Romantic ...


7 Corny Lifetime Christmas Movies That Are Actually Romantic ...
7 Corny Lifetime Christmas Movies That Are Actually Romantic ...

If you've ever turned on Lifetime, you know how corny their movies can be. However, there are a few gems mixed in, especially around the holiday season. After all, they have dozens of different movies that center around this time of year. If you want something new to watch, here are a few corny Lifetime Christmas movies that are actually pretty romantic:

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The Christmas Card

This movie is about a "US soldier who visits the town from where an inspirational Christmas card was sent to him by a church group that mails cards out to servicemen as a goodwill effort." Who was that card written by? Faith, the woman that he coincidentally ends up running into while he's on his leave of absence from the army.


Holly's Holiday

This movie will make you realize that the "perfect" guy you're looking for might not be what you really want. Why? Because it's about a woman who dreams of the perfect man. One day, she wakes up to find him. However, he's "nothing more than a mannequin come to life, so she must decides if 'prefect' is the perfect fit for her."


A Snow Globe Christmas

In this movie, the main character gets transported from "the real world" to the perfect town inside of her snow globe. In it, she's married to a woodsman and has a few children to call her own. Even though it feels surreal at first, she ends up realizing that it's not just a fantasy


Holiday Switch

This movie will remind you to love your life just the way that it is. It's about a woman who falls down a laundry chute, and ends up in a parallel universe where she's married to her rich ex-boyfriend. However, she "soon realizes she wants nothing more for Christmas but to return to her former life." She'd rather be with the one she loves than be rich.


An Accidental Christmas

If you like The Parent Trap, you might enjoy this movie. It's about "a couple separated for almost a year who endure the machinations of their two children trying to effect a reconciliation." Their kids just want them to be happy together again, but do they succeed? Watch the movie to find out.


Under the Mistletoe

This is about a woman who is struggling to raise her child after her husband passes away. However, she eventually ends up on a radio show's dating game around the holidays. It's where she tries to find a man who would be a suitable step-dad to her adorable son. Of course, not everyone agrees on who she should pick to date, which makes her love life more complicated than she's like it to be.


Single Santa Meets Mrs. Claus

This is about a man who's getting ready to take over as Santa Claus for his father. However, before that can happen, he needs to find a woman to marry. His right hand man gives him a list of potential mates' names, but it's harder than he thinks to find someone to spend the rest of his life with.

If you want to watch holiday movies you've never seen before, you should turn on Lifetime. They have dozens of movies fit for the season. What's your favorite Lifetime Christmas movie?

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