Best Fictional Schools in the Movies ...


Best Fictional Schools in the Movies ...
Best Fictional Schools in the Movies ...

Is there a school in the movies like the school you went to? Probably not! In the movies everything about school is exaggerated but that’s what we love. We want to feel a fictional school is everything our own school wasn’t or we want to feel thankful we didn’t go there. Want to get an education via the big screen movies? Try out these movie schools.

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Rydell High

Movie - Grease (1978)

Who wouldn’t love a school where old-time values apply and people burst into song? Most of which have unintelligible and repetitive noises such "Boo wap dee doo bee doo."

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Monsters University

Movie - Monsters University (2013)

The tremendous physical danger you are in every day is a little worrying, but here is a university that let’s anybody attend and seems to allow people to sign up for new classes right after failing other classes.

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Movie - The Harry Potter series (2001)

Here is another place where danger seems to stalk the students like a kitty stalks a ball of string. Nevertheless, it looks fun having lessons in magic and being able to fly on broomsticks, plus the bad guys are pretty easy to spot and only seem to bother a small set of the students, so you will be fine.

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Springfield Elementary

Movie - The Simpsons Movie (2007)

The school is probably the worst in the country, but you can cheat your way to the top and not only will the teachers ignore it--they will outright encourage it. Plus, most of the students are graded on a curve and all but a handful are dumb, so you should score very well on finals.

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Hill Valley College

Movie - Back to the Future Part II

It seems only fair to include this school since it is the year 2015, and this movie is the reason you have seen so many lame social media posts this year. To give the school some credit, you can punch people on the dance floor without being dragged out by teachers.

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Palisades High School

Movie - Carrie (1976)

A nice place to have a prom, not such a nice place to play pranks on an abused and maladjusted teenage girl that has just realized her telekinetic abilities. Did you know the final grave scene was shot in reverse?

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East High School

Movie - High School Musical (2006)

Want to learn in a world where most people are very good looking and where people burst into song at any moment? Then you can either live in a Julie Andrews movie, or attend East High School.

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Shermer High School

Movie - The Breakfast Club (1985)

Critics consider The Breakfast Club to be the best high school movie ever made. The school is dull and normal unless you end up in detention. There are a few interesting people in there.

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William McKinley High School

Movie - Glee: The 3D Concert Movie (2011)

Here is another place where most people are good looking and burst into song like a sweaty teen bursts into acne after two weeks flipping burgers at McDonalds.

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Woodsboro High School

Movie - Scream (1996)

Did you know that the original name for the movie was "Scary Movie," but they changed it because they thought it detracted from the horror because it sounded a little funny. The parody was then named "Scary movie" in honor of the change.

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Movie - Waterboy 1998

SCLSU stands for South Central Louisiana State University and the school is typical of what you expect in a low-on-intellect movie from Adam Sandler (Sorry! Not a fan)

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Grand Lakes University

Movie - Back To School (1986)

This was a Rodney Dangerfield movie that has been parodied on so many TV sitcoms and animated shows that even the parodies have parodies. Her pouring a drink- Just say when. Him - Right after this drink, baby.

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Hemrey High

Movie - Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)

The Buffy movie was terrible compared to the TV series which is lots of fun and is still remembered today as a cult classic--especially the "Once more with feeling" episode. In the TV show it is called UC Sunnydale.

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Harrison University

Movie - Old School (2003)

Before Will Ferrell was playing a touching role in Lego movies, or a difficult-to-love character in "The Other Guys" he was partying it up in Harrison University in a similar way that Homer Simpson did when he went back to college.

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Faber College

Movie - National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

You may not have heard of it, but this college has had an impact on fictitious schools even up until today. Watch the movie, and you will feel an odd feeling of Déjà vu.

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Horace Green Prep School

Movie - School of Rock (2003)

The school all privileged kids who go to an elite school dream of. Forget the stuffy classes and the even stuffier uniforms. We want to play rock and roll with a guy who’s 30 going on 13.

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Crunchem Hall Primary School

Movie - Matilda (1996)

The punishment for stealing a bit of cake is that you get to eat lots of cake. This has to be the best school ever!!!

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Barden University

Movie - Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

It is currently the highest grossing High School musical movie and it knocked School of Rock off the top spot, so it gets high praise indeed. A school with a lot of musical talent.

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North Shore High School

Movie - Mean Girls

The girls in the school are mean, but they are very good looking, and they have a great command over the English language, which is pretty rare these days, innit?

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Herrington High School

Movie - The Faculty (1998)

Based on, if not stealing from, the invasion of the body snatchers. The school is otherwise a good place to go. It has a few hot teachers and cool teachers you can take your unknown alien life forms to without them stealing them and selling them on the black market.

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Ridgemont High

Movie - Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

It has been parodied and copied so many times that it is worth a watch just for the historical value, though be warned, as it is still an 18 (R) rated movie.

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Nordhoff High School

Movie - Easy A

There are a lot of lies flying around this school, so you may want to be careful with whom you share your secrets.

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Buenos Aires Education Center

Movie - Starship Troopers (1997)

The education may not be first rate, and you may die during training exercises, but with just a little education you may be flying a ship or shooting alien monsters.

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Clark Secondary School

Movie - SuperBad (2007)

It is a fine school to attend near graduation, when there is booze and hot guys a plenty. You just have to be on the lookout for bored cops.

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Clark Secondary School is the setting for the 2007 comedy film Superbad. The movie follows two high school seniors, Seth and Evan, as they try to purchase alcohol for a party in order to gain the respect of their peers. The school is described as a place near graduation where there is plenty of booze and attractive guys, but the boys must be careful to avoid the police. Superbad is an iconic movie for many, and Clark Secondary School will forever be remembered for its role in the film. It is the perfect example of a classic high school movie, full of teenage angst and hilarious hijinks.


East Great Falls High School

Movie - American Pie

Maybe you won’t get the best education when you attend, but you may meet a group of colorful characters with easily-resolved story and character arcs.

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Highland High School

Movie - Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996)

You may not like the movie, but you have to admit it is original. Judging by the main characters, you won’t get much from the school (except their TV).

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Mt. Abraham High School

Movie - Final Destination (2000)

It is a great place to meet very good looking people and then see them die in the order that the grim reaper has decided. Did you know the movie was a bit of a rip off of a Twilight Zone episode, and it has a lot of similarities with the Dead Zone movies too.

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Performing Arts High School

Movie - Fame (2009)

If you want to become famous, then you can make a fool of yourself on a national TV show and expose the fact you are mentally unstable, you can marry a rich movie director, or you can attend this high school and meet some stiff competition.

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Rudge Park Comprehensive

Movie -The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

In this highly successful British movie, four uncool misfits take a post-high-school holiday in Malia, Crete, where they encounter a quartet of fun British gals. Sounds like they learnt a few lessons outside of school.

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San Dimas High School

Movie - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

There is actually a San Dimas High School in San Dimas, but they filmed the movie in the Coronado High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. This truly is a feel-good movie that helps you remember that life at school is sometimes--happy.

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Which movie school would you like to have attended - and which are you glad to have avoided?

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U should of put sky high

Ahaha I love the Simpsons so much XD

Hogwarts. Obviously! 

How the heck did the Zoey 101 school not make it on there? That's the obvious #1

I'd prefer any of these to my horrible school. 

Hogwarts and Hillvalley high are the only two I ever really wanted to be in

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