8 Fascinating Futuristic Films ...


8 Fascinating Futuristic Films ...
8 Fascinating Futuristic Films ...

Futuristic films tend to highlight dystopian wastelands that are, quite frankly, designed to scare the ass off anyone who watches. I mean, I know better (I think … I hope?), and there are still a lot of futuristic movies that scare the crap out of me. I can't imagine a future that desolate, that empty, filled with big brother watching (oh wait...) and devoid of books. Can you? My only consolation is knowing that I'll probably be long dead before anything like that happens, but really, a lot of movies about the future seem strangely prophetic, especially these days. Take a look at what I mean.

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Logan's Run

Can you imagine living in a world where you're considered obsolete at age 30? Ironically, it seems like if society has its way, then in another few years, Logan's Run might end up being one of the most prophetic futuristic films ever made. This dystopian society sacrifices people when they turn 30, and people are designated to do the deed for them. So what happens when one of these age enforcers turns 30?


Soylent Green

Soylent Green is people! It's people! This is one of the most iconic futuristic movies thanks to Charlton Heston's hysterics – er, I mean his performance, over that very subject. Honestly, this film is kind of creepy in a very entertaining kind of way. If this stuff really is happening in 2022, however, and I'm around to see it, I'm going with Soylent Yellow or Blue instead.


I Robot

This is actually one of my least favorite futuristic films. It's not because I don't like the movie as a whole, it's because the scene with the dog just kills me. Kills me! However, the story of Del Spooner and robots gone mad is an intriguing one, especially considering the fact that 2035 isn't really all that far away.


Nineteen Eighty-Four

This is another iconic futuristic film, and it's … well, it's not so outlandish these days, is it? George Orwell knew what he was talking about way back in 1948, it's like he really did have an eye toward the future. Remember, Big Brother is watching you – but things aren't quite as creepy as they are in the movie. Yet.


Mad Max

Actually, all the flicks about Mad Max make great movies about the future, especially the first two. This is back when Mel Gibson really kicked ass, rather than just looking like one. What's really amazing and eerie about the film is the way you actually get to see the world end – as everyone knows it, anyway. Is it any wonder simple Max Rockatansky turns into Mad Max?

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Fahrenheit 451

This book scared the hell out of me when I first read it, and the movie does the novel perfect, scary justice. A world without a books – a world where they're burned and destroyed to keep people from thinking independently. You can't imagine it … or can you?


Twelve Monkeys

Again, 2035 used to seem so farm away; back in 1995, this futuristic movie was just unbelievable. Of course, I don't think anyone's going to come visit something from the future, but watch Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in this movie today, and see if it seems quite so unbelievable.


Blade Runner

No list of movies about the future would be complete without this cyberpunk masterpiece! I have trouble believing that this came out the year I was born and takes place in 2019 – I mean, that's only 7 years from now! And to tell you the truth, we're pretty close to having replications now, all things considered. Things that make you go … brrrr!

Futuristic films used to seem interesting, even funny, just good for a thrill. But all those «future» years are now looming closer. It's a cliché, but the future really is now. Still, I don't think any of these futuristic movies really, truly predicted the future. At least … I really hope not. What do you think?

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