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7 Movie Endings I Would Love to Change ...

By Mercy

There are some movies that stand out in our minds as memorable and touching stories. However sometimes we find that in some movies, the ending is not quite what we wanted. Hollywood is constantly testing their movies on audiences and literally changing endings based on the test results. Here are 7 movie endings that I would love to change.

1 Titanic – Jack Dawson Should’ve Lived

I know it’s a story about a sinking ship and that it wouldn’t be complete without tragedy but why did Jack have to die? They had overcome all kinds of adversity together and did he have to just die in the ocean? Couldn’t Rose have pulled him onto something? It may have heightened the love story but I could do without that any day.

2 My Best Friend’s Wedding – No One Should Have Forgiven Jules

In this movie, Julia Roberts plays this conniving scheming woman attempting to steal her best friend – Dermot Mulroony from his fiancé Camerom Diaz. Ultimately she fails but why does everyone forgive her? She did some terrible things and should have been just kicked out of the wedding for good.

3 Gone with the Wind – Rhett Butler Could Have Forgiven Scarlet

Throughout Gone with the Wind, we follow the antics of Rhett and Scarlet. He is constantly chasing her and she is constantly rejecting him. Even when they finally get together, things don’t work out. Still despite all her mistakes, he always loved her so couldn’t Rhett Butler have forgiven her in the end?

4 The Breakup – They Should Have Reunited

The Breakup depicted the experiences of Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn as they go through a needless breakup that seems to be more ego related that issue related. Since there didn’t seem to be any major issues, audiences expected them to reunite in the end. Instead there was this cryptic ‘anything can happen’ ending which was actually quite annoying.

5 The Green Mile – Coffey Should Have Survived

Coffey, the big black hulk of a man, on death row for murdering two little girls should have been exonerated in the end. Every one in the prison knew he was special yet he was killed amidst such hate. It was extremely sad and perhaps just a little too unfair.

6 Forest Gump – Jenny Should Have Lived

Forest Gump is such an amazing story of triumph over adversity. Forest went through so many setbacks and challenges in his life but all he ever did was love his Jenny. In the end Jenny dies and they could have spared him that heartbreak. He was such a kind-hearted man; they should’ve let him keep his Jenny.

7 Life is Beautiful – the Dad Should Have Lived

In this movie, Roberto Benigni plays a wonderful dad trying to keep the horror of the holocaust away from his son. Right at the very end he gets killed and actually makes a joke of it as he knows his son is watching it happen. It was an essential part of the story but still we wish Roberto had lived.

While all the endings provided above are ideal scenarios, the truth is that they should stay the way they area. These endings are what made these movies so unforgettable so without them, we probably wouldn’t have loved them like we do.

Top Photo Credit: Terra Kate

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