8 Best Movie Bromances ...


8 Best Movie Bromances ...
8 Best Movie Bromances ...

I love bromance movies, in part because there just needs to be guy flicks that aren't based around someone blowing up LA or New York City or something. Plus, bromances are funny to watch, you know? They're also becoming increasingly popular, since apparently filmmakers realize they've stumbled upon something big. Forget SATC, you know? I want some more Wolf Pack! That being said, here's my opinion on some of the best movie bromances out there.

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The Wolf Pack

You know, I came this close to not even including this on the list, only because I only saw this movie a while ago. I thought all the hype was just that, and didn't bother with it. I am an idiot. Doug, Phil, Stu, and Alan are crazy amazing in their bromance, and I can't wait to see what they get up to in part two. And it will not take me two years to see that.


Sam and Frodo

However, this is the best movie bromance ever, in my opinion. It's evidently one of the most slash worthy too, but we're not going to go there, because these are hobbits and I will not see them sullied like that by my hand! I love these two. What I love even better is that Elijah Wood and Sean Astin – and Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd – pretty much became BFFs off-set as well. Aww!


Peter and Sidney

From I Love You, Man, thank you very much. I love Paul Rudd and want to have Jason Segal's children, so I naturally love any movie they're in together. This one, however, was built around the bromance, and I happen to think it did it beautifully. This is also one of my favorite quotable movies, and that is awesome. Awesome!


Red and Andy

This really is just the sweetest, best movie bromance. These two, if you didn't know, come from The Shawshank Redemption, and I've always been so glad that the film captured their friendship as beautifully as the book – although it was subtler in print, but that's all right. You need a friend in jail – and you need someone who can get things for you. I still always hope these two are down on the Pacific, where the water has no memory.


Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan

Oh, I just love these two together! This is a case where both the movie in general and the relationship in particular is way better than the novels. I actually didn't like those at all. This, though – I know Tom Hanks gets sick of being given boxes of chocolate and things, but this was just one of his best roles, and the relationship between Forrest and Lt. Dan was such a beautiful bromance. I would have mentioned the relationship between Forrest and Bubba, except well, there wasn't really time to develop much of one.


Jay and Silent Bob

This is not just the best bromance I've ever seen, I think it's one of the most iconic. Even if you don't like Jay and Silent Bob, you know who they are. You know how close they are. You know that they get in trouble together and, less often, manage to get out of it together. Of course, it doesn't help that I've got a thing for Jason Mewes, and think Kevin Smith is a certifiable genius.


Will and Chuckie

Ah, the boys from Good Will Hunting. This is actually a two-fer, since it also introduced the world to the bromance between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – which is still going strong. The dynamic between these two characters reflects something of the real relationship between the actors, I think. Either way, it's a beautiful thing.


Kirk and Spock

You know, there's not even very much I can say here. This is the most iconic bromance ever. You know it even if you hate Star Trek. It has never been bested, not in any subsequent Star Trek. Unfortunately, it's also the relationship most likely to be slashed. Sorry 'bout the video there, folks. It's honestly the tamest one I could find. What is it with people, trying to make these two look like they're in love and ready to … well. Whatever.

This is just my opinion on the best movie bromances. I know there have to be tons more of them – and a lot of them, I probably haven't even seen! But for the love of bromances, I'm dying to, so if you have any recommendations, please share! Beyond that, which would you rather see, a bromance movie or a BFF flick?

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